Logitech G933 vs G935: A Detailed Comparison in July 2022

It is impossible to compare the Logitech G933 vs G935 unless you are an expert in gaming headsets. There is a strong gaming vibe to them, and they are being used for that more often than for any other purpose. 

In addition, the right gaming headset is important for anyone playing competitive games. The choice of headset depends on the type of game you play. 

Bluetooth wireless gaming headsets offer excellent sound quality, but at times, they tend to lack audio quality due to low-quality batteries.

The main difference between Logitech G933 and G935 is that G933 features advanced 50mm Pro-G drivers and comes with Dolby 7.1 Surround Sound while G935 comes with X 2.0 Surround Sound and its 50mm Pro-G drivers aren’t that advanced.

These are some of the main differences we noticed during our first impressions, but there are many more.

Logitech G933 vs G935: An Overview

Logitech G933:

The Logitech G933 is designed to be a good headset for gaming. It looks similar to the G633 model, but it is slightly smaller and also has a more compact design. The G933 headset is very comfortable, although it may be bulky at first.

Logitech G933 Gaming Headset


  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • Item Type: Over-Ear
  • Weight: 14.1 ounces


You can buy a limited edition of Artemis snow spectrum in black or white. It looks slick and professional.

While the overall construction may be very plastic and the boom mic hidden in the ear cup itself, it’s very tough for transport and is also sleek-looking.

It’s great that this cup lays flat, perfect for resting on your shoulder and there’s no carrying case.


Logitech G933, comfort-wise, and this are subjective as well. They do have some weight coming in at 370 grams or 13.9, but overall it has a slight feeling of some weight in the long run gaming for an hour or more.

In general, I didn’t experience any significant discomfort or pain at the crown of the head while wearing the Fitbit Flex 2 HR for a month.


There are lots of ways to connect a gaming headset to your system, and this one is designed so you don’t have to mess with anything physical at all. Just plug this headset into your PS4, Xbox One, smartphone, or PC with an easy-to-use cord, and you’re ready to go!

There are three different ways to connect with an iPod: one traditional way using an RCA cable, one wireless way using a USB wireless adapter, and the third are with Bluetooth. This is a very easy-to-use headset as well because it doesn’t require any type of cables whatsoever.

Once again, with the PlayStation 4 you don’t need to do anything additional, plug the headphones in and you’re good to go. On the PC, the drivers will be downloaded automatically.

Now overall, my wireless connection was stable, and periodically getting up to walk to the fridge in between breaks, the signal has never cut out on me. There are full RGB color options, and the site Logitech G logo can be customized independently of their real lights.

With a wide variety of controls like ambient glow, fading in and out, to full RGB cycling of colors, to simply a fixed color profile, the only thing I wish the lights would do is light up vertically or maybe light up like an audio level meter. Audio coming through that would be seriously cool.

There are a couple of buttons that are easy to reach but a little hard to identify, but they work well, the volume and mute buttons work smoothly, and they are very tactile. A G1 button lets you cycle through the colors you’ve saved on your headset.

The mute button allows you to turn on or off the default surround sound, switches between your EQ settings, and at the very top, there is a switch for wireless on or off. On the right ear cup, there is a replaceable battery.

I can vouch for these batteries. After using them with the lights turned off I still get a good four hours of playtime, so they’re perfect if you want to play with the lights on.

You’ll have the headset on for about eight hours.


The G933 has some very good passive noise isolation blocking out unwanted noises around me. Though there are minor to moderate amounts of sound leaking, only someone sitting next to you in a quiet room will be able to hear what you are listening to.

I used this microphone in-game and asked my teammates about my voice, they said I voiced crystal clear. Some slight background noises are being picked up, such as typing on my mechanical keyboard. This can be heard very slightly by the other person.

Nevertheless, it’s still a bit of a background thing.


You can adjust the volume by going to the Logitech Gaming Software.

You can turn off all these simulated surround sound profiles to get standard stereo performance. You need to know that having Dolby Digital or DTS offers additional sound profiles and very good spatial awareness.

If you want to fine-tune, there’s an equaliser offered that’s too low.

This Logitech G933 headset is great for PC gaming and the added surround sound helps you experience that game more realistically.

If you want to fine-tune this thing, the equaliser is offered as well. While gaming, the details are very clean and precise. The headset is somewhat bassy, but for music listening and movie watching, I thought it is perfect.

Now, if you think the sound is muddy, you can always adjust it to your liking using the equaliser. In my personal opinion, it’s still a very well-balanced sound signature for gaming specifically with such great detail.

This headset provides acuity and emphasis on details, such as footsteps and nearby enemies. There have been times in the past when gunshots can be overshadowed and cause a high-pitched tone, which can cause listening fatigue, but here the Artemis has the authority and gains clarity, and fidelity, without that screech that impressed me.

I have been playing H1Z1, which is called battlefield 1, since day one. Every time a bullet flies by your head, you hear it off in the distance, and every time an explosion goes off, you feel it. Overall, this experience is very immersive.


The G933 from Logitech is a nice headset that comes with a rechargeable battery inside, so you don’t have to buy replacement batteries ever!

It features a nice design and is a very comfortable headset that provides a good audio experience. Two memory slots allow users to save or record their favorite tunes for listening. It comes with 10-hour battery life, for continuous use.

Wireless gaming (Usage)

The Logitech G933 provides you with the amazing experience of wireless games in which you can move around freely. There is no need to worry about the wires since it is a wireless headset. 

It comes with a pair of headphones and a microphone, along with a control pad and a charging base.

This headphone emphasizes comfort and wired connectivity. This headphone is well-suited for desktop gaming. On top of that, it offers a wide frequency range for the gamer who wants to enjoy music while gaming.

The Logitech G933 wireless headset is very comfortable, offers the excellent sound quality, and has no latency issues.

Why is it Special?
  • Great software that helps you customize your settings.
  • Excellent sounds.
  • They can be adjusted to fit perfectly.
What are the flaws?
  • The battery life isn’t great once you customize the RGB lights.

Logitech G935:

Logitech G935 Gaming Headset is similar to the G635 and has the same design. We can also say that it’s more expensive than the G635. The headset has good sound and mic quality.

Logitech G935 Gaming Headset


  • Connectivity: Wireless
  • ItemType: Over-Ear
  • Weight: 1.54 pounds


Its design is also pretty understated apart from the lighting, but there’s a mic mute button on the rear and a volume wheel that’s quite tactile. When you roll it, it feels great.

While the design is also nice and simple with a nice G logo on the headband and a very comfortable padded headband, the headset is very flexible, too. You can turn the ear cups to fit your head comfortably and the pads of the headset can also be removed for better sound quality.


The highlights of this headset include large ear cups which basically are faux leather and they sit nicely on top of the head. You’ll find that you get quite warm ears after a while of playing, but they do cover a lot of the ears and they block out a lot of external noise which I like.

I’m impressed with the quality of the headset as it’s very well padded and has an adjustable headband to make sure it fits me perfectly.


Logitech G935 is a very good gaming headset that features 16.8 million colors of RGB with the light sync capability, so if you have Logitech peripherals and mice, keyboards and speakers, you can sync them all together and enjoy the lighting.

It also includes the DTS Headphone X version 2, which means it’s having a virtual 7.1 surround sound. And it does a great job of it too. These headphones also include 50 millimeter Pro G drivers that are capable of 20 to 20,000 Hertz response.

It’s the best portable headphone for gaming because of its ability to sustain high-quality sound for up to 12 hours at a time.

My favorite is the G key on the back, which gives you easy access to various settings. And the 2m braided micro USB cable that’s included in the package is very handy.

You can access several settings using the G buttons on the left ear cup. The charger also includes a 2-meter braided micro USB cable. Therefore, when the headset is low on battery, you will hear a beep audibly and the software will issue warnings. You can also use it on a console or mobile phone since it has a 3.5-millimeter adapter, but there is no USB-C connection or Bluetooth.

When it comes to the wireless headsets for mobile devices, I have to say the SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless is the best because they do allow for a direct, high-quality connection, without requiring a physical connection to the computer or smartphone.

There’s a power button, a mute switch, and many more. If you forget to turn them off, there is a sleep-through built into them, so they will turn themselves off. It’s a plug-and-play affair thanks to the USB dongle that sits under one of the ear cups.

It is really easy to set up on your PC or Mac and any other machine, you might like to. It has a storage capability there because that means you can take your headset with you, so it’s perfect for e-Sports games.

The cable is so long that it’s practically a no-grip solution and you don’t have to worry about it tugging constantly. You can easily fall into the wired mindset, uninterrupted.

Under the ear cup cove,r there’s the RGB lighting for the G logos, you can also see that when you remove the cover, the RGB lighting is available in both colors and can be used to customize it independently.

You can easily switch the color settings there and you’ve got different lighting modes available. The headset has a removable battery, so you can replace it in the future if the battery isn’t holding enough charge anymore.

The software’s equalizer features include many different modes, flat, fps, bass, boost, mobile, cinematic, and communications, and you can create your custom settings.

There are also so many possibilities when it comes to customizing the G keys. They can be used to switch between channels in Discord, to unmute and mute your Discord while you use your mic for other things.

This is another model of the OBS Studio that’s designed for gaming systems, as it features a micro-USB port for connectivity. 

There is no Bluetooth built-in, so you can’t connect it to other devices. connect to your smartphone that’s a bit of a downer. If you want to enjoy your game in high definition, you’ll want this. 

It would be nice to be able to get to a laptop. If it wasn’t for the dongle, that would be fine, but since there is a major problem, you might not be able to complete your work on time.


The mic I recommend is the Logitech G935. It’s got a flip to mute function. This one has a flip on it, and you can mute it in a variety of different ways when you’re recording video or listening to music.

The mic is an interesting point. There is also an audible beep when it has been muted, and a light that turns on when you fold it away, so you know it has been muted.

This is an incredibly comfortable and cool design of the mic. You can get side-tone, so you can adjust the levels, and it’s bendable.

It’s not the best quality, but it’s not the worst either. The mic is nowhere close to what a higher-end mic sounds like, and it’s a downside of this headset. 

In terms of extending the microphone itself, it doesn’t look very cool because it’s not flexible at all. It cannot be bent toward your mouth.


With its price tag, it delivers a pretty spectacular sound experience, with very good positional audio. It also comes with a DTS headphone X version 2, which means you get 7.1 virtual surround sound.

This headset offers exceptional comfort and sound. Santee audio technology gives you the best positional surround sound experience and it does a surprisingly good job.

I’ve seen many headsets that offer a lot of audio features, but none of them beats the sonic quality of this headset. This is capable of several different ways of delivering some amazing audio.


The G933 on the other hand has a very thin margin of change compared to that of the G935.

Like the G933, the Bluetooth headset also possesses a rechargeable battery. This has the feasibility of replacing the battery when it is about to be depleted, also having an indicator that would be able to blink or shows that the battery is about to be drained out.

Another interesting difference that G935 takes the edge on is the longevity of how long the battery lasts at a single-use. In contrast to the Logitech G933, the headset lasts about 12 hours straight, so it does not need to be charged as frequently as the others.

Wireless gaming (Usage)

The Logitech G935 has a wireless gaming headset function. It has a slightly less good mid and treble accuracy compared to that of G933 but it does have a better non-Bluetooth latency, a better noise cancellation, and a longer battery life.

As compared to the older version, the new version has better frequency response consistency and it’s also argued to have better build quality, although both of these headsets are close to having the build quality. 

Why is it special?
  • Deep bass and highs without any distortions.
  • A good option to use at work, comfortable for long shifts.
  • The microphone is sensitive enough.
What are the flaws?
  • The ear cups don’t always fit as closely as you would like.

The Final Verdict

Both of these headphones were comfortable even after hours of use. They were also very nice to wear because you could clean them easily. Generally, we were impressed with how well they fit. They worked well on a variety of head sizes and shapes.

Although the RGB lights were very funky, the Logitech G930 Pro is well built and very durable. They’re very comfortable too. However, I think that the Logitech G933 is the overall winner today. Granted, they are a little more expensive and it’s a shame Logitech limited the warranty, but they are very durable.

The sound quality was superior and you’ll notice a difference with the noise-canceling microphone. 

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