HyperX Cloud Alpha Vs HyperX Cloud 2 (A Detailed Comparison)

The main difference between HpyerX Cloud Alpha and HyperX Cloud 2 is that HyperX Cloud 2 offers 7.1 surround sound which is the best feature for gaming whereas HyperX Cloud Alpha offers Stereo Sound. Moreover, HyperX Cloud Alpha comes with a detachable cable, whereas HyperX Cloud 2 doesn’t.

HyperX is initially known to be a headphone brand and not your normal headphones, but the gaming ones. The ones that deliver high-performance feature a robust gamer vibe to it and, most importantly, high quality.

HyperX has been in the gaming industry for such a long time, and you probably notice on your favorite streamers, like Shroud, that they are sponsored by HyperX. However, the brand has also branched out into other markets such as the professional audio market where they produce high-performance headphones that are capable of delivering quality and comfort levels that are second to none.

Gaming headsets come in all shapes and sizes. One of the most common is the HyperX Cloud headset. It has a sleek look with a modern design but comes with a price tag of under $100. Another option would be the Cloud 2 by Razer. It has a classic design and a comfortable fit, but it doesn’t come cheap either.

The HyperX Cloud II is a top-of-the-line gaming headset from HyperX that delivers amazing sound quality, premium features, and an affordable price.

HyperX Cloud Alpha vs HyperX Cloud 2

FeaturesHyperX Cloud AlphaHyperX Cloud 2
Connection typeWiredWired / Wireless
Connectivity port3.5mm Headphone jack (plus PC extension cable)3.5mm Headphone jack 
Cable length2 m1 m
SoundStereo7.1 Surround Sound
Noise Cancelling MicYesYes
Mic frequency response50Hz – 18KHz50Hz – 6.8KHz
DriverDynamic, 50mm53 mm
Headphone frequency13Hz – 27KHz15Hz – 20KHz
Weight 298g (without mic and Cable)300g (Wireless, without mic)
DesignClosed BackClosed-Back
PriceHyperX Cloud AlphaHyperX Cloud 2

HyperX Cloud Alpha: A Great Gaming Companion

HyperX is a well-known name in computer components and accessories. The HyperX Cloud Alpha headset is a solid gaming headset that delivers sound quality as good as that of your computer, but with a lighter weight. It is easy to attach and detach from your headphones’ 3.5mm port, which gives you the freedom to switch between multiple computers and play at the same time, while the detachable cable gives you the flexibility of using it wirelessly.

With removable cable, it can be used with PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Nintendo Switch. Compatible with PC, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Mac, Mobile, and VR. It is wired headphones that offer the HyperX signature comfort and accurate sound quality with its dual-chamber technology.

The HyperX Cloud Alpha is a great headset that’s also low in cost and very reliable. The headphones are built to last, and they don’t weigh too much or take up too much space. They’re easy to use, have a wide frequency response and come with several features, like touch controls and a microphone.

HyperX Cloud Alpha


  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Item Type: Over-Ear
  • Weight: 298 g
  • Drivers: 50 mm
  • Frequency: 13Hz – 27KHz

Product Details (Items Included)

  • Headphone
  • Detachable braided cable
  • Boom microphone detachable
  • An extension cable for a PC (splitter)
  • Carrying bag

What Features Can It Offer?

The world of headphones is an interesting one. You may have noticed these headphones and had a vague idea of what they were made for. With more details, you’ll start to get a better understanding of the type of product and why it’s worth your time to consider them. Let’s have a detailed and transparent headset analysis. Let’s do that now.

Comfortable cushioning

No matter how great a headset is, it’s no good if it’s not comfortable. The award-winning comfort of the HyperX Cloud Alpha headset allows you to wear it for long periods of time. It also has large ear cups that have leatherette cushioning.

The earpads are thick, cozy, and breathable so that they are comfortable to wear for a long period. They fit perfectly in your ears and are designed to protect your ears from any kind of external noise.

The headset is very lightweight and comfortable, and the weight is well distributed, so you will not find it heavy while using it.

Designed for Reliability

A pair of headphones is worth spending bucks on if it offers good features along with a solid build. A headset made of cheap quality material can break easily.

A headset is not just a pair of headphones. It’s also a communications system and the frame on the back is an important component. It’s a headset after all, and you need it to be sturdy enough to handle a few bumps in the road, but it should also last long enough for your usage.

HyperX is a leader in computer components, and they also make gaming headsets. The company has been around for years, and you can find their gear in most retailers. This is a good headset, but I wish the price was a bit lower.

The detachable cable is a unique design that enables you to attach or detach the two plugs of the power adapter to various places as you see fit. The braiding of the cable is designed to help prevent it from strangling other cables. The detachable microphone is a nice addition to your mobile phone.  

Immersion In Games

The headset’s 50mm dual-chamber drivers are among its specialties and were chosen to provide clear and detailed sound.

The sound is Discord, and TeamSpeak certified. There are two chambers: one for bass and the other for mids and highs. By doing this, the bass is separated from the mids and highs.

The best way to hear a game is to put it in your ear and let it play. You’ll notice that the game is clear and crisp, even if it’s playing in the background. This is thanks to the drivers’ Neodymium Magnets, which help in improving the sound quality.

The bass, mids, and highs all work together to create a rich and deep sound. The Sound Bar’s surround sound speakers have been carefully placed into the bar to create a rich and deeper sound.

Professional sound over voice communication

The headsets have built-in microphones to help reduce background noise so that you can communicate with teammates during gameplay. The headsets have also been ergonomically designed to make them comfortable to wear for extended periods.

The headset has a detachable microphone, which is very convenient. Whenever you don’t need it, you can detach it. This makes the headset more convenient to use.

The mic you’re considering is very important because it will be the one used to record your voice. It’s also very important to consider if it will be used in a noisy environment. In addition to the quality of sound recorded, it’s also essential to take into consideration the frequency response of the mic. This is how it filters out the noise.

Multi-platform compatibility

PC and smartphone headsets as well as PlayStation, Xbox, and other platforms are compatible with the headset. As a result, you will benefit from it and have a cleaner, immersive gaming experience as well.

The ubiquitous 3.5 mm port is an industry-standard size port found on most headsets. It offers a quick connection with just a simple twist of the connector. The port is available on any device that is designed to connect with this connector.

Simple Inline Controls

They are more comfortable with inline controls or controls on the headset. Control adjustments using the connected device or a separate control pad are not convenient.

You can use these controls to adjust the volume and mute your microphone. The microphone is often used for voice-recording during video calls and voice messages to people on social media.

Things to Concern

In the first place, if you need a headphone that can be carried around, you should choose another pair. HyperX Cloud Alpha headsets do not fold, which makes them unportable. Additionally, if you want full freedom, corded headsets are not for you. Corded headsets restrict your freedom.

  • Looks attractive
  • Easily detachable cable
  • Inline controls
  • Durable, dense construction made from quality materials
  • Exceptional sound quality
  • Easily detachable microphone
  • Controls for muting the microphone and balancing the chat.
  • Noise isolation reduces auditory masking.
  • Quite muddled lows
  • Pricey
  • Unfoldable

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HyperX Cloud 2: Amazing Budget Headset

HyperX Cloud II has been designed for the modern gamer. It’s a headset that was created to be comfortable, powerful, and durable. It features an aluminum frame and soundbar that are designed to withstand years of abuse and give you an amazing audio experience. The detachable noise-canceling microphone helps to reduce background noise so you can hear and communicate clearly in even the most difficult of environments. It features universal phone controls, so you can adjust volume, mute, change your audio source, or switch between devices with one quick tap.

As well as offering the HyperX signature comfort, the HyperX Cloud II is a great choice for gamers. With big drivers, you can hear impactful audio which will teleport you into the gaming world.

The headset also offers a virtual 7.1 Surround Sound, which gamers develop quite a liking to. With its durable construction, the headset fits nicely and withstands minor collisions.

The headset will work great on the PC, Mac, and iPhone. You can even use it with Android. This headset is designed to be durable and reliable so it should be a great addition to your tech arsenal.

The Cloud 2 is available in two versions: Wired or Wireless. For the Wireless Gaming Headset, you will need to spend a bit of extra cash.

HyperX Cloud 2


  • Connectivity: Wired / Wireless
  • Item Type: Over-Ear
  • Weight: 300 g
  • Drivers: 53 mm
  • Frequency: 15Hz – 20KHz

Product Details (Items Included)

  • Headphone
  • A pair of extra ear cushions
  • A detachable microphone
  • Dongle or USB sound card (for wireless)
  • Carry Bag


  • HyperX Cloud II’s wired headset does not have a detachable cable.

What All It Has To Offer?

Let’s start with an introduction. This brief look at the headset should give you an idea of what to expect from it and help narrow down which features are most important to you. We’ll then continue with an in-depth analysis of all the features.

Legendary Comfort from HyperX

HyperX is a leader in gaming headsets, so it only made sense for them to do something about their Cloud line as well. They designed an excellent headset, one that offered the signature HyperX comfort and features.

The earcups of the headsets are large enough to go over the ear and are soft and comfortable to the touch. They are also equipped with padding to make them even more comfortable to wear all day long. It’s a great solution for those who enjoy listening to music without being seen.

This weight distribution is well done; the clamping force does not hurt the ears. The headset is lightweight too. You won’t feel your ears getting hot because the earpads are breathable.

You won’t feel your ears getting hot because the earpads are breathable. Sweating won’t irritate you either.

An impactful sound

The headset has a 53mm driver, which delivers very rich and impactful sound. Additionally, the audio is very clear, so you can hear even faint sounds. Not just this, the headset also offers the 7.1 Surround Sound feature, which amplifies the positional audio.

You can easily detect enemies with this feature. It has a toggle function so you can turn it on when needed. The drivers are with neodymium magnets which add up to their sound quality. The headset also has a closed-back design which cancels out a lot of outside noise and lets you focus on the game.

Flexible and durable

A sturdy aluminum frame supports the headset, which is built to last. It is preferable to avoid minor collisions even though the headset is able to withstand them. People can wear the headband in different head sizes because it is flexible. Because it is flexible, it will also fit your head better.

The padding on the sleeves of these sweatshirts is quite well stitched, so they stay in good shape for a long time. The mic is also built to last, and so is its cable. This is because of the cable’s durability and its robustness.

Great noise-canceling microphone

The headset comes with a detachable mic with which you can communicate professionally. In addition, the mic offers noise-canceling, so that you can use it even if there is background noise.

The noise-canceling mic has been in the marketplace for a long time and has become a staple in many people’s audio systems. Many people swear by this little device and its ability to reduce background noise. If you’re one of them, read on.

Built-in mic monitoring helps you to keep in check that you are not speaking too loudly or too softly. While it may be helpful to listen to your voice to know how it sounds, it can also be a good tool to use to measure your volume and make sure you are keeping it at an appropriate level.

A wireless option is available

If you were planning on buying the Cloud II headset but you didn’t want to shell out a little extra for wireless, don’t be alarmed – there is an option! The Cloud II headset comes with both wired and wireless models. While wireless doesn’t sound that great, it does include better quality sound.

A new kind of headphone is available – the wireless headphone. Its batteries are designed to last for days on one charge. A full charge gives you about 30 hours of music listening time.

The wireless headphones model is a fantastic gift for people who are constantly on the go. These wireless headphones allow users to move around freely and enjoy their music wherever they go, including outside. The connection is reliable and easy to set up, so you can be sure of great sound and a great experience.

You can freely walk around your home with this much room to move around.

Multiplatform compatibility

The headset is compatible with PC, smartphones as well as gaming consoles. So if you’re an avid gamer, you’ll want to check out the headset before making your purchase. It isn’t compatible with all consoles though, so before buying, you should check if yours is one of them.

What makes it a thumbs down?

When you think about it, foldable headphones aren’t that convenient. It’s easier to carry around one pair of regular headphones instead of having to carry your foldable ones as well. If you travel often, then it’s worth investing in some decent headphones.

A second issue is that the Surround Sound feature could be improved. It deteriorates the precision of the sound when toggled on.

  • Comfortable
  • Durable construction
  • Stylish design
  • A powerful bass response
  • Accessories are available for purchase
  • The headset cable does not detach
  • Surround sound can be improved
  • Unfoldable
  • You will have to spend more money on a wireless gaming headset.

Cloud Alpha or Cloud II: Which Is Better?

Both headsets are excellent. However, the quality, features, and prices of each model vary. This is where you might want to use some of our reviews to find what features are most important to you. Once you know which one is your preference, you can then focus on learning how to maximize it.

The comparison of two products should be based on their specific characteristics and benefits, and not on something like how long it took to make it. The goal is to find which one you can buy.

So, let’s do this!

Sound Quality

The Cloud Alpha is an interesting entry into the headphone category as it has some features that are unique to it, but other than that it doesn’t change much from the previous Cloud headphone that came out last year. The biggest difference is the new and improved sound isolation with the new dual-chamber design. You can see the difference right away when you listen to it. But that’s not the only different thing, as the Cloud Alpha has a more refined fit than the older version.

It has much lower distortion and a much flatter frequency response. It still has the fun bass and detailed highs of the Cloud II, but without the slight midrange muddiness or grain in the high tones.

The cloud is getting popular, but it still has its limitations. The biggest issue is that if the cloud crashes, your data is lost and there is nothing you can do about it. The other problem is that when it is not in use, it is taking up space in your house or business. The Alpha eliminates these issues. It is reliable, portable, and doesn’t need to be plugged in at all.

The best Sound Quality Headset is Cloud Alpha.


The biggest drawback with the Cloud II is that it’s not quite as good for the biggest brains. It’s something I’ve experienced myself as I had to wear mine fully extended.

With the Alpha, that’s no longer an issue.

A larger headband and longer adjustment forks have been added by HyperX. Now I can fit even my larger head. It’s a good thing, too. Combining that with the soft new earpad material and the same great memory foam that HyperX uses in all their headsets, the Alpha is a total winner on comfort.

For years, the Cloud II was the most comfortable headset in gaming. It fit well and didn’t move around your ears. Somehow, though, the Alpha is better. 

The Most Comfortable Headset is Cloud Alpha.


The designs of these two headphones are similar, but the Cloud Alpha takes the same overall shape as the Cloud II but cuts some chunks out of the metal forks. A redesigned logo on the top of the headband isn’t stitched in anymore and a new, more visible, the design was chosen for the plastic cups.

The Cloud II headset is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than the original version, but it doesn’t offer any new features. It does a good job of replicating the original, and it’s certainly a better value for your money than the original. If you want to go retro on a budget, you can’t beat this model!

Cloud II is narrowly victorious here because of some small details. It’s also good to note that we also received several high scores from readers.

The Best Design Headset is Cloud II.

Build Quality

Both of these headsets are built near-identically. They both have plenty of aluminum parts, and a durable and compact frame that should hold up tossed into a bag.

The Cloud Alpha feels a little bit lighter than its big brother, but I think they’re both built well. The Alpha won out simply because it was the newest model and therefore had the most recent firmware update, and it felt a little faster in some areas and was just generally snappier overall. That doesn’t mean it’s better than the older version, though, and I feel like the old model just feels more comfortable to hold in my hand.

Both headsets have an excellent quality build.


The Alpha certainly sounds a bit like a beta version of something, and the quality is a bit lower than what I would expect from a pre-release product. It’s not that bad though – just sounds a bit rough around the edges.

It would be more accurate to say that I can live with the headset’s microphone merely being adequate. 

I can’t tell much difference between the two mics. I expected a greater leap in quality from the Alpha, so that’s something about which to criticize it. Nevertheless, the rest of the headset is so much improved that I can live with merely a “fair” microphone.

Both headsets have Amazing Quality Microphones.


You should pick a headset that has as many features as possible, so you can be sure it suits your needs, but also make sure the headset is comfortable to wear for long periods.

Depending on what you look for in a headset, this one will vary from person to person. Each headset comes with a carrying bag. Both headsets have detachable microphones. The Cloud Alpha comes with a detachable cable, and its bag is made from better materials.

Besides these basics, the Cloud II comes with a USB sound card and an extra set of velour ear pads with stiffer foam.

You might benefit from that sound card. That card simulates 7.1 surround sound quite well.

With the advent of Dolby Atmos and Windows Sonic, I’m less interested in using that on my PC these days. Though you can get extra earpads, they’re not as comfortable as the originals.

Due to the removable cable and the nicer bag, I will choose the Alpha. However, you may also like Cloud II’s other features.

Due to Detachable Cable Cloud Alpha is the winner.

Overall Winner: HyperX Cloud Alpha

For the same price as the old headset, HyperX Cloud Alpha provides a better sound and a better feel. HyperX is not even sure how much longer they will sell the Cloud II, and I would not blame them if they discontinued it soon.

Although the microphone hasn’t been changed that much, HyperX has set a new standard here. They haven’t charged customers a premium for their new headset, so you can’t go wrong with it over the old model!

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The HyperX Cloud Alpha and HyperX Cloud 2 was hard decision to make, but we have finally come to a conclusion and we have come up with a winner. First, both of these headsets are great headsets with very little difference. The main difference between HyperX Cloud Alpha and Cloud 2: HyperX Cloud 2 offers 7.1 surround sound, which is the best option for gaming, in contrast to HyperX Cloud Alpha’s stereo sound. As an additional feature, HyperX Cloud Alpha features a detachable cable, whereas HyperX Cloud 2 does not. The build quality is strong on both of the headsets and the sound is great on both headsets. The Cloud Alpha had a slight improvement in sound quality, but not much. But in many aspects such as detachable cable and carrying bag, HyperX Cloud Alpha is better than Cloud 2.

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