How to Use a PS4 Headset on PC

If you have bought a new headset for the PS4 and you want to know how to use this on your PC, then you have come to the right place. This blog will show you step by step how you can use your PS4 headset on your PC.

The headset can be connected via a USB connection to a PC (with Windows or Mac OS). To use the gaming headset, insert the wireless adapter into a USB port on your PC. Some computers may not be compatible with the gaming headset. A headset connected to a PS4 system cannot be used.  

How to Use a PS4 Headset on PC

Is PS4 Headset Compatible With PC?

Yes, PS4 gaming headsets are compatible with PC. You can use them to play games and listen to music on your PC or MAC. You just need a good converter.

Many people with a PS4 choose a wired headset since it can be plugged into the wireless controller that comes with the console. In addition, many wired PS4 headphones also work with PS5, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, Windows PCs, Macs, and Nintendo Switch.  

Can You Connect PS4 Headphones To PC?

Yes, you can connect your PS4 headphones to PC. However, we suggest that you use them on your PC only for listening to music. Why? Because the PC sound card is not as good as that of PS4, which means that your traditional PS4 will deliver higher audio quality than the PC. For other purposes, there are many gaming headsets that are compatible with PC and PS4.

  • As long as the headphones are on, they are plugged in. 
  • Click on the Control Panel. 
  • Click on the Realtek HD Audio Manager. 
  • Click the device advanced settings button (top right) after selecting the microphone tab (at the top). 
  • Choose the radio button to separate all input jacks. 
  • Click OK- to confirm.  

How to use a PS4 headset on PC?

The PS4 comes with a gaming headset but many users would like to use the same headset on their PC. You can use a PS4 headset on a PC by connecting the headset to your PC via USB. Here is how to connect your PlayStation 4 headset to PC :

  • Connect your gaming headset to your controller using a 3.5mm audio cable.
  • You need to turn on the headphones.
  • On your console, navigate to the settings menu and change your settings.
  • Choose ‘Devices’ and then ‘Bluetooth Devices’ to view the list.
  • Choose your headset from the list.
  • Select ‘Audio Devices’ under ‘Devices’ now.

Does The PS4 Gold Headset Have Bluetooth?

Yes, you can use the gold headset on your ps4, the ps4 is compatible with any headset that has a mic and Bluetooth function.

Connecting to the internet is one of the most important things. Connecting to the PS4 is made easier with the PS4 Gold Headset since it uses a USB dongle instead of Bluetooth.

As soon as you turn on the gaming headset, it will connect automatically to your PS4 via the dongle that comes with it. 

How Do I Put My PS4 Headset In Pairing Mode?

I was able to find the solution through some research. If you search the internet for this problem, you’ll find many links that don’t help. The first thing to do is connect the controller via USB (not Bluetooth). You’ll need to make sure it’s fully charged before continuing.

  • A USB cable included with the gaming headset can be used to charge it.
  • The console should now be connected to the USB adaptor.
  • When you switch on the gaming headset, the blue light should stop blinking, and then turn solid blue. 

By pressing the main button on the PlayStation 4, the PS4 controller will enter pairing mode.  The power indicator light will flash blue, as well as the button light and the indicator light on the headset. The indicator light will also display a series of patterns.  The Gaming headset should be switched on at the same time.  The PS4 controller and the headset should automatically connect at this moment.  If the connection is successful, the power indicator light on the gaming headset will blink blue.

Can I Use My Bluetooth Headset On My PC?

Of course, you can, you can use your Bluetooth headset on your pc. You need to first get a Bluetooth adapter if you don’t have one on your pc. But you’ll have to reconfigure your pc to receive the Bluetooth signal, after that you can use your gaming headset.

Bluetooth headphones can be connected to your PC the same way you connect your smartphone (and most of the time). If you use the Settings app on your PC, you can connect your headphones in the Devices section

Can I Use A PS4 Mic On PC?

Yes, you can use a ps4 mic on pc. The adapter (mic + headphone) is just a small connector that sits on top of a PS4 controller and comes with its earbuds. The adapter is available cheaply on Amazon.

With a headset and PS4 controller, you can use your computer’s default audio and microphone. You can use a DS4 application to maximize the performance of your controller on your computer.

How Do I Reset My Playstation Headset?

Resetting the gaming headset resets all the settings back to factory defaults. This includes the pairing and all the settings on the headset and the PC client. To reset the headset:

  • Hold down the power button to turn off the gaming headset.
  • Hold down the headset’s power button until you hear two short beeps. The Gaming headset will turn on, and the word “power” will appear on the power button.
  • Hold down the headset’s power button for 15 seconds. You will hear a long beep, a short beep, and two short beeps. The headset will turn off.
  • To reset your PlayStation wireless headset, press the CHAT and VOLUME+ buttons. Turn on the headset while holding down the CHAT and VOLUME+ buttons. If the reset is successful, the headset and adaptor will be connected.  
  • Press the headset’s power button, and then turn it on again.
  • Go to pc, open the client and go to settings. All the gaming headset settings and the headset pairing should be reset.

 Why Won’t My PS4 Headset Connect?

There are many reasons why the ps4 headset won’t connect and we are going to list below all the possible reasons.

Driver Update We suggest you check and update your drivers of the gaming headset and the console. If your drivers are up to date then the issue may be in your internet connection.

Make sure your headset is fully plugged into your controller.

If it’s still not connecting, you may need to update the system software on your ps4, so download the most recent updates from the PlayStation website.

You may also need to restore your gaming headset to the factory settings. This will delete personalization but will solve any issues you may be having with connectivity.


The PS4 gaming headset has been a success since the time of its release. It is a high-quality gaming headset that has been extensively used by players to experience the best of the gaming world. A lot of people have been using this gaming headset for a long time and they have not faced any issues with this accessory.

I hope this article has helped you realize that you can use a PS4 headset on a PC. Most PS4 headsets work on PC, and you can use them for both games and applications

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