How to Untangle Headset Wires

You may be wondering how to untangle headphone wires or headphone cables. You may also be looking for ways to make your life easier with a few tricks. Are you always tangled up in your headset wires? Don’t worry, we have the answers! We’ll teach you how to untangle them fast.

Why do headset wires twist?

Cable wire does not always twist properly. Many times cables come out of the factory with small imperfections in their structure, such as knots or loose spots. These areas can cause issues when wires get tangled in each other during assembly.

A wire that twists will never make a good connection, and this includes any sort of headphone jack. There’s no twisting in a normal cable; if a cable twists, it’s probably broken.

A twisted headset cable is often an unfortunate consequence of careless use of the wire and it can quickly ruin an expensive pair of headsets. The problem is that once twisted, the wires cannot be uncoiled. Instead, the damage has to be fixed by replacing the damaged area.

Once that happens, you’ll have to replace your headsets!

How to Untangle Headset wires

It’s easy to mess up your headset wires. This is where you can make mistakes quickly and easily.

Here are some steps you can follow to untangle your headset wires.

Step 1: Unplug your headsets from the device. This will make it easier for you to move the wire.

Step 2: To find the nearest knot or tangle, follow the plug end of the wire. You can untangle knots more easily with one loose end, so start at the bottom and work your way up.

Step 3: Pull on the outside wire to loosen the tangle. Use the tip of a pen to lever underneath the edge of the knot if this doesn’t work. After pulling up, the knot will loosen.

Step 4: Through the tangle, pull the rest of the wire. It is common for wires to knot because they loop themselves back around themselves and they pull tightly. The tangle will come undone if the loose end of the wire is run underneath the knot. The knots should be untangled by repeating steps two to four.


Wrapping the wire neatly around the headsets or around your device can prevent tangling when you put your headsets away.

How to untangle headset wires – 11 easy ways

Unwinding headset wires is not only an annoyance. It can be a sign that there is something wrong with your headsets. They get twisted, twisted, knotted, and annoying to deal with. Headset wires twist because the wires aren’t organized correctly.

That could cause problems in the future if you don’t fix it now! Here are 10 ways to untangle headset wires, so you never have to worry about them again!

Run your fingers across the wires

Sometimes, our wires get so wrapped up that it’s difficult to figure out where they start and where they end. While it’s sometimes easier just to cut them off if you want to make sure that the wire doesn’t become a tangled mess, here’s a simple trick for untangling your wires.

Try using a pencil or pen if you have trouble getting your fingers in between the wires. This is especially helpful when you need to get a bit closer or in between.

Get a cable yoyo

If your wires are too messy and tangled up, then a cable yoyo is a good solution for keeping them neat. A cable yoyo is a little box with a spring-loaded, plastic loop that you can easily wrap your headsets around.

The most common complaint about earbuds is the tangled wires that come with them. CableYoyo is a simple but brilliant invention that eliminates the clutter. Simply pull the wire, slide it into the middle of the yoyo and the two ends are tangle-free.

Use cable zip ties or velcro.

If you’re not interested in getting a new cable yoyo, you can use some everyday items to keep your wires organized. Zip ties and velcro straps are excellent ways to do so. Just wrap them around the wire a few times, and it will keep them from twisting together.

Keeping wires organized is the first step towards minimizing the amount of clutter you end up with. Finding a place to keep them out of the way is also important, as they’re usually the cause of a lot of frustration when your computer is in use. They’re cheap and easy to store, which makes this method a win-win!

Use a flat surface to straighten them up for hours

It’s common to find yourself with a mess of wires and wires strewn about your desk. The easiest way to manage them is to create a little organization. Lay your cables on a flat surface so you can move them around and see where they are going.

This is the quickest and easiest way to get your headsets straight, but it requires a flat surface that’s big enough to hold your headsets, so it won’t work on the bus or in your living room!

Keep them in place by hanging them from a coat hanger.

Use the eight cable-coiling methods.

If you find your computer cords are becoming entangled and pulling on the furniture behind them, use this eight-cable coiling method. You will create an “8” pattern around your cables that will keep them together as they connect the computer to the monitor and printer.

A diagram of this can be found online, or you can watch a video tutorial on YouTube. There are other coiling methods, but this one is the most popular and easiest to do.

Use a headset stand or clamp.

If you have a lot of headsets, it might be worth investing in a headset stand. This will hold your headsets hanging straight, and it will keep the cables from twisting together. Some headsets come with detachable cables, so you can coil them up and attach them to the stand.

If you have a good set of headsets, you might want to consider keeping them organized with these headset stands. You can find headset stands online or at most electronics stores. They usually cost around $20-$30. They’re both small and easy to use, and they can help if you don’t have a lot of space around.

In the same manner, you can make a clamp and stick it into a small hole on the shelf or on the wall and use it for the purpose of holding your headsets.

Use a cable organizer.

If you don’t want to buy any of the above items, you can use a cable organizer to keep your cords in check. There are a lot of different organizers out there, but most of them do the same thing: they hold your cords in place, so they don’t twist together.

You don’t have to pay big bucks for the right wire management solution. I recommend this one because it looks like real metal, it’s sturdy, and it even doubles as a gift!

With its compact and classic design, fashion and practical, soft and flexible, convenient to carry. Releasing the earbuds instantly and tangle-free with a single pull, the headsets are a great option for an organized home or workplace. Compact size fits easily in pockets, purses or bags, making it an excellent option for an organized home or workplace.

Wrap your headsets’ cable around your phone

If you’re listening to music while walking around with your phone, you can wrap the wires around it, making sure the phone is snugly held in place. Doing this will prevent any tangling between the cables, allowing you to carry on as usual.

The next time you head to your car, pull out your iPod or MP3 player and use these ideas to keep your cords organized, and it’ll be perfect for when you’re on the go.

Wrap your headsets in an old credit card or ID

Another way to prevent your wires from tangling is to use an ID or similar device to keep the cord from getting into the wrong hands. You can even use it to create a little bit of personal space in your bag or pocket. If it’s too thick, or not long enough, don’t worry – just add a piece of tape.

You can cut the cards down to size and wrap them around the wire a few times to keep them together and prevent them from twisting.

Wrap it around a pen or pencil

Cables come in a variety of lengths and types and are used to connect a multitude of electronic devices from mobile phones, tablets, computers, and even your car stereo. But sometimes cables are just too long and you run out of storage room, which makes them difficult to keep organized. Luckily there are many ways you can store your cords without making a mess on the floor. These simple but stylish solutions will help you stay organized and keep your cables neat.

In addition, the fact is that most people always have pens and pencils lying around!

Get wireless/Bluetooth headsets (bonus)

The best solution is to buy a pair of wireless headsets. High-quality headsets with high-performance drivers will eliminate the problem of tangled wires and allow you to use your headsets just as well if not better than wired ones.

The most important factor in a successful Bluetooth system is the availability of your device. There are many different types of Bluetooth devices; you need to be sure you have the correct type of device that will work with your phone.

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These handy tips will help you keep your headset cables organized and tangle-free. Nothing is more annoying than a broken headset cable due to tangling, so make sure you follow these handy tips, and your headsets will last much longer!

This isn’t really a question that we need to answer, but if you’ve used headsets for a while you probably know what works. The trick here is to avoid over-crowding the wires.

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