How to talk on PS4 without a headset

The Playstation 4 has an awesome new feature called the Headset Freeplay mode. With this new feature, you can play the game without having to put in a headset! This is a great feature and will make it much easier for you to play the game.

If you want to play games on your PS4 console without a headset or controller, but still enjoy the same quality of sound, we have some helpful information for you!. Let’s find out how to use the headset-free chat feature on PS4. With this handy feature, you can talk to friends without using the PS4’s included headset.

How to talk on PS4 without a headset

How to talk on PS4 without Headset?

if you do not have a headset, you can use the microphone and the touch button. You just need to activate it, then talk normally. 

If you are having trouble talking on PS4 without a headset, try this: First, turn off your microphone. Second, go into Settings and then press “Voice Chat” to turn it back on. If it is not going to work then follow the below-mentioned steps:

1. Open game menu (if you have PS4 Pro, press X on the touchpad)

2. Select PS4 Wireless Headset -> turn off the headset

3. Close the game menu and open it again

4. Turn the headset on and press the A button.

5. When you see the PS button appear, click it

6. The PS4 will restart and you can talk without a headset

Can you talk on PS4 without a headset?

Yes, you can. But it is best to use a PS4 headset as it is very comfortable to wear for a long time. You need the headset with the microphone to use the speech function. You can also use the keyboard if you don’t have a headset. But you can use the controller with your headset on. You can even use the controller as a phone to make calls on the call list that is accessible through the headset.

Can players without headsets/mics hear me on PS4?

Yes. If you have the PlayStation Camera or an Xbox One controller, you can use the built-in microphone to talk with your teammates, but if you have a separate headset, you can still communicate over the PS4 Network. You can turn off the PlayStation Camera in the System Settings menu. If you’re using a wired headset, there should be a blue dot in the middle of the PlayStation Camera icon on the PS4 console. Click it, and the mic will turn on. The microphone is located at the top of the controller’s right side. To find it on Xbox One, use the Guide button to open up the controller, and then click on “Settings.” This opens a menu that has options like volume, muting, etc.

Is it possible to output PS4 voice chat and game audio to both headset and TV?

The PS4’s advanced audio system will only output to the TV, and not to a headset.

Open the Settings app, go to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices > Adjust Microphone Level.

If the microphone is working, you should be able to adjust the volume by pressing the volume up or down buttons on the remote control.

If the input volume meter does not respond, try using a different headset or controller. If the device is in good working condition, the device may be having problems with connecting to the console. Contact your PS4 manufacturer if your PlayStation device is out of warranty.

Go to Settings>Chat>Audio and select the options you want. You can prioritize party chat or game chat.

Can people hear u without a mic on PS4?

Yes, you can, but only if you are close to your console.  If you are not close enough then your voice will be distorted. You can use any device that you want to hear what someone is saying or record what they say. You can even do it with PS Vita and the PlayStation camera.

How to Use any Headphone With PS4?

How to Use any Headphone With PS4?

Can You Use Regular Headphones on PS4?

If you have a pair of normal headphones, you can use them on the PS4.

The PS4 follows the CTIA (Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association) standard for headphone jacks. Most headphones will work just fine, but some may need a bit of modification or even third-party devices.

How to Connect Wired Headphones to PS4

Most wired headphones can work on the PS4, but not all. If you have a pair of wired headphones that are not compatible, you may need a converter to get them to work.

How to connect compatible wired headphones to PS4

Select Settings from the PlayStation 4 home screen.

Select Devices

If you want to control your devices on PS4, first select ‘Connected Devices’ from the devices page. Then, select ‘Audio Devices’.

Plug your wired headset into the PS4 controller. Headset plugged on the PS4 controller.

You can select the output device to use for the game from the menu. Select Output Device, then select Headset Connected to Controller.

If you’ve already got a good headset mic, you don’t need to do anything special to test it. You’ll know whether it’s working when you hear yourself in the headset.

The game supports a wide variety of headsets, but if you want all audio to play through your headphones, continue to the next step.

Select Output to Headphones on the Audio Devices page, then select All Audio.

How to connect non-compatible wired headphones to PS4

There are two common arrangements for most smartphone headsets. One standard is the cellular telecommunications and internet association (CTIA) standard, also known as the American headset jack (AHJ) standard. The other standard is the open mobile terminal platform (OMTP) standard.

According to the CTIA standard, the microphone connector point is at the base of the jack, and the ground connector is on the second ring, while in the OMTP standard, these positions are reversed.

The fact that a CTIA headset can’t connect to an OMTP port, and vice versa, means that using OMTP standard headphones won’t work on your smartphone or PS4. You’ll need to use an OMTP to CTIA adapter to connect a CTIA headset to your device.

Connect the headphone jack to the 3.5mm audio jack on the back of the PS4.

When you’re ready, plug your headphones into the OMTP to CTIA converter and then plug the converter into your PS4 controller.

To continue, press the Next button.

How to Connect Wireless Headphones to PS4

Connecting wireless headphones to the PS4 is a fairly straightforward process, but there are different ways to do it. However, it’s important to understand that not all Bluetooth headphones can work with the way Sony sets up its Bluetooth connections.

It’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got all your non-compatible headphones ready before you start playing the PS4. If you don’t have all your non-compatible headphones, then you can use a few tricks to get them to work.

How to connect PlayStation Wireless Headset to PS4

Headset models are officially compatible with the PS4 when they are listed in the official PlayStation compatibility list. Please refer to the official PlayStation compatibility list to see if your headset model is listed.

Make sure that the headset is fully charged by plugging the included USB cable into your PS4 system’s USB port.

Connect the USB adapter of your headset to the USB port of your PS4 or console.

Put your headphones in pairing mode and turn them on. When the blue light stops blinking and turns solid blue, your headphones should successfully connect and play audio.

Open the Settings app

Select ‘Devices’ from the drop-down menu

In the Devices menu, you’ll see a list of all the devices that are compatible with your PS4.

To check if your headset is in pairing mode, look at the blue light that’s flashing on the bottom of the headset. Wait while your PS4 looks for nearby Bluetooth devices.

Select your device and wait for a moment as it connects.

It may prompt you to register your device to complete the connection. Just fill in the necessary details and you’ll be good to go.

How to connect regular Bluetooth headphones to PS4

These methods will help you get your PS4 to pair with other Bluetooth devices, even if your PS4 doesn’t have the official Bluetooth feature.

Using the PS4 Remote Play App

Bluetooth headsets are great for listening to music while you’re working out or running errands, but they’re not great for playing video games. If you don’t want to spend the money on a separate set of headphones, you can use an audio adapter that plugs into your computer’s headphone jack.

The PlayStation 4 Remote Play app essentially lets you access your PS4 using your mobile device, and it works with most devices that are compatible with the PS Vita (PS3, PSP, Android, iOS) and with some Bluetooth headsets. It allows you to play PS4 games on your phone using the on-screen controller and phone display while also joining chats using your phone’s mic.

If you have a PS4, download the PS4 Remote Play app. It lets you play games on your PS4 from your PC.

If you want to play your PS4 games remotely on another device, navigate to Settings > System > Remote Play Connection Settings > Enable Remote Play.

You should see a four-digit code.

To play Remote Play games on your PS4 from your Android or iOS device, go to the PlayStation Mobile section of the PlayStation Store on your mobile device.

Using Bluetooth Dongle

Investing in a Bluetooth headset is the best way to maximize your gaming experience.

Plug the USB Bluetooth dongle into your PS4 and wait for it to enter pairing mode.

If you have a Bluetooth headset, turn on your Bluetooth headset and put it into pairing mode as well. The flashing blue light should turn into solid blue once the headset is connected to the PS4.

Connect the microphone to the controller and insert it into the 3.5mm port.


When you turn on the game, it will go through a quick loading screen which takes less than a second. After that, it will be up and running and ready for you to play.

The controller will also come with an earbud headset, but if it doesn’t have one, there are a few options for you to try.

For example, if you just want to use the controller to play games on the PS4, you can try a USB headset that uses either Bluetooth or an optical connection to connect to your console.

For PS Vita owners, the PS4 and PS Vita share many of the same features, and the PS4 is a very powerful system, so it should work just fine with any PS Vita headset.

If you need some assistance, then comment below!

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