How to Play VR Games without a Headset

VR is a new way of playing, an immersive way of entertainment. A VR headset looks like a helmet with a screen that you wear on your eyes, and it transports you to a virtual world. In this virtual world, you can control your character, play the game and move around. If you want to play VR games but you don’t have a headset, then you should know that there are apps for that, for example, you can play VR games on Google Cardboard, you can use one on a smartphone or you can use one of the best VR headsets for PC.

With Virtual Reality (VR) gaming becoming more mainstream, it is important to learn how to play without using a headset. In this blog post, we explain how to play video games in virtual reality without needing to use a headset.

How to Play VR Games without a Headset

What is VR?

VR stands for Virtual Reality. It refers to using a headset, a device that provides a virtual environment, to create a three-dimensional space. The experience is about peering through a window into another world. In the last decade or so, VR has become an integral part of our lives. We use it for entertainment, work, and socializing.

How does PS VR work?

The PlayStation VR experience is powered by the world’s most powerful gaming console – PlayStation 4. It plugs into the front of your television, bringing high-quality, room-scale virtual reality to live with your screen inside your living room. Your PlayStation Camera uses built-in infrared light to track your head position and orientation, and the integrated headphones give you a more immersive experience, creating a sense of presence when playing. PlayStation VR is a virtual reality headset that lets you experience games and videos in a completely new way. With PS VR you can feel like you are truly in another world. For example, you feel that you are going hunting with your favorite weapons and animals.

What is The PlayRoom VR?

The PlayRoom VR is a unique virtual reality experience that combines the world of PlayStation with one of our most loved video games, LittleBigPlanet. The PlayRoom VR uses motion tracking with PlayStation Move controllers so you can interact with LittleBigPlanet by grabbing, lifting, throwing, and spinning items. You even get to play as Sackboy himself in this exciting new gaming adventure!

How to play VR games without a headset?

Virtual Reality (VR) is an immersive experience delivered through a head-mounted display (HMD). A VR headset allows a user to step into a completely digital environment and feel as though they have been transported to another world. The user’s movements are tracked so that their point of view is that of the virtual character inside the virtual world. VR headsets are most often powered by a computer, such as a PC. However, the new generation of high-end VR headsets is coming closer to the power and graphics capabilities of game consoles.

Virtual reality games are meant to be played with a VR headset on. They are most likely to get two sources of income from one product in reality. Secondly, technology hasn’t advanced enough to allow you to play VR games without a headset in most cases.

VR games can be played without a VR headset, but it’s much easier and more comfortable to use one. If you want to play VR games without a headset then you can go for the options that are listed below:

Use of Google Cardboard:

If you’re looking for a free option, Google cardboard is a great way to play games in VR. It’s super cheap and easy to set up and doesn’t require any special equipment such as a headset.

Use of DualShock 4 Controller:

You can play VR games without a headset. Once your game is loaded and connected to your PS VR system, you can use your DualShock 4 controller or another compatible controller to interact with the game. To turn on your console, press the menu button on your controller and select the PS VR option. From there, you can browse through all of your PS VR content. There are some exceptions though. You won’t be able to change your settings or access any other features unless your head-mounted display (HMD) is on. And you’ll also be unable to hear sounds from the PS VR software.

Can I play PS VR games without the headset?

Yes, PS VR games are designed for head-mounted play, but it is also possible to play in your living room using the included wireless controller. It is important to remember that the PS4 camera and microphone are on and recording while you play PS VR, which may result in lower-quality audio or video. You don’t need the headset to play most of the PS VR games and experiences that are available right now, but the headset is required if you want to use PlayStation VR to watch movies, TV shows, or play live-streamed content, such as games from E3 2018. With the headset, you can experience VR content even if you’re not playing a VR game.


With VR technology becoming more and more popular, knowing how to play VR games without a headset can be very useful. There are so many different types of VR games that it can be challenging to figure out how to play them without having to purchase a VR headset. I hope that this blog post gives you the information you need to play VR games without a headset and helps you better understand what VR is all about.

So what are you waiting for? Now is the best time to try VR games if you have not yet. We hope you enjoyed our post on what is VR and how to play VR games without a headset. Please take a moment to share this post on your favorite social media channels. Thank you for reading!

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