How To Make Your Headphone Louder (7 Best Ways)

How To Make Your Headphone Louder? You can increase the volume of your headphones in several different ways. Some of these methods include using the volume control buttons, adjusting your device or app volume settings, or downloading a volume-boosting app.

There are no better headphones for good sound quality than those that play music at a high volume, but you need to use care when doing so. Playing music loudly will cause hearing damage, so don’t crank the volume as loud as possible.

People often choose headphones based on the kind of lifestyle they lead, their musical preferences, or even for practical reasons, such as the size of their home. Whether you’re a casual, passionate, or even a professional music listener, you know the importance of choosing high-quality sound, and you need to have the right headphones to achieve this.

But everyday use and computer settings can diminish your volume and listening quality. To once again achieve your perfect listening experience, you might need to make some adjustments. However, listening to audio for up to eight hours a day at 85 decibels is considered safe.

How to make your headphone louder

To make your headphone louder, whenever you have set the sound level at the maximum, or whether your headphones are not sounding better as they used to but after all your headphones are not offering sufficient sound, below I will provide how to make your headphone louder and better for sound level.

This article will show you how to make your headphone louder. Whether you’re watching anything over your phone or pc, playing games over your pc, listening to music on your phone, and facing low volume problems over your headphone I have covered all solutions for how to make my headphones louder.

If you’ve been hearing that your headphones sound low-volume, try these tips to get the best sound out of them. We have tested these tips and they work best for us.

Adjust Playback Settings

First, it depends on what kind of device you’re using, so that you can set your settings appropriately.

Most devices, such as laptops or mobile phones, have a control panel to adjust the sound volume. It’s one of the most common reasons why people are asking “how to make my headphone loud”. The answer is simple: just adjust the sound volume in the settings to cap the sound output.

Some of the best music players we’ve used are from the Play store, and for Apple users, there are two main settings they should look into: volume and equalizer.

From the Music menu, scroll down and select the “Playback” option. You will get the “Volume Limit” setting. Adjust the volume so you don’t have to keep the device muted.

If your headphones are keeping quiet oddly and you are using an iPhone, there is a great chance that it would be due to this setting for putting volume a cap. Let’s move on to look at similar settings over Android.

For your first step, you should start by adjusting the sound settings. Go to Settings and then Sound. You will see different levels of sound with different features.

To adjust the volume for music, go to the media settings, and then make your adjustments.

Try a Headphone Amplifier

Headphone amplifiers are devices that boost the volume by amplifying a signal coming from a device like your laptop. This means that your computer and headphones may not be compatible.

The smaller the headphone, the less sound you’ll get. To overcome this problem, get the headphones with a higher volume level.

When the volume is set to “max”, you can hear distortion when you turn up the volume. Using a standalone headphone amp can help you with this problem.

I’m not sure why you would want to buy an external device for boosting your headphone volume. A better headphone would probably suffice.

Let me briefly tell you that headphone amplifiers do not work for every case. They are typically used only for over-ear headphones of higher quality. It would be better to assume that the headphones/earbuds you are using, are already sending you the maximum level of volume.

How to select the best over-ear headphone? You only need to check the impedance. Then, if you try a headphone amplifier, you will also know how to increase the sound volume of your headphone.

Headphones with a greater impedance level (I am talking about impedance like 300 ohms) are only requiring a little boost to move the drivers. These are planar magnetic headphones, which are more common nowadays. If you use more efficient headphones, those with resistances between 20-25 ohms, a headphone amp won’t make much of a difference

Adjust the EQ settings or use a volume increase app

Turn down the volume control as you’ve tried to remove the volume limit, but it didn’t work. If that doesn’t work, consider volume-boosting apps to make sure it’s not your headphones which is to blame.

Whether you’re using an iPhone, Android, or Windows phone, there are volume-boosting apps you can set to provide a louder volume. Or, I could just say that It will increase your headphones’ volume a little.

Here are some apps for each type of operating system which will boost your speaker’s volume. There are many apps for both Android and Apple which are helping the user to boost their volume.

Search the app store and get any app with the best quality of reviews. I am not suggesting a single app for you to use, because you will be using many of them, and most of the apps are very user-friendly, with a good interference for easy use.

Check your phone’s equalizer settings as well. Many times the manufacturer’s company has optimized these settings itself, but these auto-optimized settings do not meet your listening preferences.

I’ll do a few tests to make sure it’s going to work, so please wait.

EQ adjustment settings are good for hearing. They allow you to learn how to make your headphones louder for better listening.

Cleaning Your Headphones

Sometimes your headphones get dusty because they are not used for a long time. If you do not clean them, your music will no longer be as loud as usual.

Your headphones may be cleaned or wiped regularly. This prevents them from making the wearer’s ears sweat, and it also protects them from dust and germs.

The thing about the issue of water is it is just something that keeps coming up, over and over again. Whenever this occurs, this leads the way for more wax and oil.

When it comes to prevention from dust, wax, or oil build-up, it is best to clean your headphones regularly. Most headphones can be cleaned using soapy water or hydrogen peroxide.

If you don’t want to get your headphones wet, then you can just use a paper towel and some cleaning cloths. If they are old and worn, they will be harder to clean. Before cleaning your headphones, you should also need to check the manual for cleaning instructions if any.

You can also learn how to make your headset louder by cleaning and removing dust from the speakers of your headset. Here are simple and easy instructions to follow:

1. Remove and clean the ear tips.

Take the ear tips off and soak them in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Then use a cotton bud to clean inside the ear tips, including the area between the ear and the eardrum.

You can clean the wax from your ears with peroxide after all of this procedure. Then, wipe it off with a soft towel and leave it to dry.

2. Clean the Earbuds

It is important to clean the headphones before using them. Hold the headphones facing downwards. Use a dry toothbrush to gently brush the mesh screen of the headphones to remove any dirt or dreck over it. Then use a wet cloth dampened with hydrogen peroxide to wipe the headphones.

After you take off the headphones, use the tissue to wipe up the earbuds. Other alcohol, hand sanitizer, or bleach can be used if you do not have hydrogen peroxide. Be careful when you are using a cloth, as it can easily damage your headphones. 

If your earbud earplugs dry out, use a damp cloth for wiping them. It helps to prevent cracking.

3. Reassemble your Headphones

After making sure that your headphones are completely dry, you have to reassemble them. Then put back the earbuds. Your headphones will be clean and ready to use.

Use of Better Audio and Music Apps

Many audio and music apps can benefit you by setting up exactly what a listener hears. These features can give you a chance to listen to what the user has set.

Selecting the right apps helps listeners increase the amount and level of volume they can control. Listeners can proceed with caution if they plan to use other audio player apps.

But you’ll need to test the product and verify that it is compatible with your device. You’ll also have to read reviews and ratings to see how others are using it. 

Having A Pair of Noise-Isolating Headphones

You must have noise-canceling headphones when working with a pair of crappy headphones. Regardless of how hard you try, they just won’t stay out.

If someone is listening to a song and wants to block it out of the world, they should look into sound-isolating headphones. These types of headphones block the sounds so that the listeners don’t have to listen at high volume to achieve the same immersive listening experience.

Having sound-isolating headphones reduces the chance of damaging your ears because you won’t need to listen at such high volumes.

Buy a pair of louder headphones

You can’t agree that headphones should be even louder than before if you haven’t tried the steps listed here. So, I’ll recommend that you get yourself a pair of new headphones. When buying a new headphone is the same as buying any other electronic product.

It’s amazing to see the variety of models and brands of headphones you can find on the internet. That said, there is a lot of confusion and you can get ripped off if you don’t know what you are looking for. We’ll try to help you make that decision.

So a headset for everyone has several features that are of equal importance. Beyond that, Bluetooth connectivity, impedance, frequency response, inline microphone, noise isolation, etc.

There are numerous headphone options available on the market. Before purchasing any pair of headphones, read out our guide to buying the best sounding headphones. You can also see our best headphone brand guide to finding these.


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