How to keep Headphones from Breaking

You can find headphones for any occasion. There’s the Bluetooth model, which allows you to listen to music wirelessly and charge the headphones at the same time, and the wired model, which lets you plug your headphone into your device.

Unlike phones and laptops, headsets are meant to last for a longer period. You won’t need to upgrade them every year or two. If you’ve invested in a good pair of headphones, then you can be assured that they’ll last for a long time.

That’s why it’s a good idea to buy your first set of headphones in a store, where you can get an idea of the different kinds of brands and models available.

With the recent increase in the use of headphones, it’s crucial to know How to Keep Headphones from Breaking. Read the article to learn how to protect your headphones.

How to keep Headphones from Breaking

How to keep headphones from breaking

The best way to stop your headphones from breaking is to be careful in how you carry, store, and carry your headphones. You need to be careful in how you use your headphones, whether they are wired or wireless, and how you use them.

There are many ways to fix a headphone that’s broken. Here are some tips that will help you avoid or fix your headphones from breaking.

Get A Protective Case For Your Headphones

I’m sure that you’re thinking about how to protect your headphones from breaking. You should take precautions so that this does not happen to you.

You can buy a protective case or bag for your headphone online. You should choose a good one so that it protects your headphone from breaking and also increases their lifespan.

Don’t Coil The Cable Tightly

One of the common reasons for Headphones crackling or not working properly is that we often wrap the coil (cord) around the body of our smartphones or mp3 players after finishing using them. Therefore, don’t overtighten your coils as chances are they will break or cut after some time.

The light and thin coils that are built-in with earbuds are so light and thin that they are easily cut and damaged. When you stop doing that, you will have earbuds with a longer lifespan and they will not work sporadically.

Pull The Connector Firmly, Not Sharply

Pulling the connector from the Headphones is one of the most annoying things you’ll ever do. However, if you use this tip to protect your connector, it will make it much easier to pull out.

Don’t Leave The Headphones On The Ground

If you’re a frequent traveler, it’s important to take good care of your headphones so you don’t end up having to replace them. Accidents are bound to happen, and sometimes they can be avoided if you’re attentive to your headphones.

We must always keep our headphones on a table or in their case so we can get the best possible sound quality.

Do Not Dangle Your Headphone

It is always a good idea to avoid letting your headphone or earbuds dangle or hang from your bag or table. This may cause the cord’s connection between the headphone and the plug to become stressed.

Avoid Contact With Water

This is a common-sense tip, and it is important to take care of your electronic devices. Make sure to never put them in the bathroom or the kitchen, where they are exposed to water.

If you have experienced a case of water getting into your headphones, you should immediately remove them from the water and unplug them from your device. If there is a chance, leave them exposed to air for a couple of hours, this could save them if there is a chance. Also, learn how to store your headphones while not properly using them.

Don’t Sleep With Your Headphones On

While you are sleeping, rolling over and falling can damage your headphones or earbuds. You should always take your headphones off when you go to sleep.

Keep Your Audio Volume Low

You shouldn’t listen to music at high volumes. That could damage the headphones.

Listening to music at a high volume can be harmful to your hearing. It might not be obvious at first, but over time your hearing will be damaged. There’s no medical solution for this.

Use Headphones That Handle The Output Power

Some devices have a higher impedance than others, so using normal headphones with a high-power source will quickly burn them out. There’s a term called “headphone impedance” that you should know about.

If you’re using headphones with multiple audio sources, make sure you only plug one of them into the headphone jack. Otherwise, you’ll get distorted sound.

 Only pull the plug, not the cable

Almost everyone does this, and it’s a very common cause of audio problems. It’s important to avoid pulling the cord to unplug the plug, instead to pull the plug itself.

You should always unplug the device when it’s not in use.

Use The Right Cable (Cord) Length

When you don’t have enough space for a headphone, earbuds, or headsets, you might consider getting wireless headphones instead. With wireless headphones, there is no need to worry about your headphone or earbuds getting tangled up with something while walking around.

You must either:

Headphones with removable cables are a must for anyone who wants to be able to swap and replace cables quickly, without having to purchase a new pair.

Extend your current cable as a DIY at home. You can use any extra cable from any other headphones you have that you no longer need or it’s broken, just cut its cable and join it to your current one.

  • The first step is to cut your cable 10 cm away from its plug.
  • The second step is to remove the cables from both sides of the cut (plug side and cable side).
  • The third step is to Open the plastic shield with a lighter or a slicing tool.
  • Follow the same process as above and slice the ends of any additional cable you have.
  • Tie the ends together by twisting your fingers.
  • Using a heat shrink tube, fix the sections together.
  • You now have a longer cable.

 Wrap Up The Cord While Not Using

To avoid this issue, be sure to wrap the cord around the earbuds and not just stuff them in the pocket, this could get the cable tangled up and cause a loose connection with a tiny cut. Always properly wrap the cable before saving it.

What’s the best way to fold your headphones cord?

Follow the steps below to fold your headphones cords or cables easily:

  • Place your fingers in a rock-and-roll position.
  • The headphones have a grip below the buds.
  • Wrap the cord around your pinky finger.
  • Take the headphones and wrap them around your pinky and index fingers.
  • Wrap it until it is finished.
  • In addition, this is the best way to put your headphones in your pocket without them getting tangled up in knots.

 Do Not Leave Headphones Plugged In

While you are listening to your music, don’t leave your headphones plugged into your device. If you accidentally move your head or if your device moves, the plug might get caught in the cord and it may damage your headphones.

It’s a common problem, especially if you are a heavy user of your headphones. You might not even notice it, but when it happens, it can make a big difference.

 Clean Your Earbuds Earwax

Earwax is formed when you use earbuds for a long time. You may not be aware that the earbud is placed in the canal of your ear.

Ear wax might be something you’re not aware of, but if it’s causing problems to your earbuds, it’s best to get it removed as soon as possible.

It’s always better to clean your ears and your earbuds.

 Add Shrink Wrap for Reinforcement

If you’re looking for a way to avoid cord stress, look no further than using heat shrink wrap. You can use it to protect your headphone’s cords, or you can use it to keep your cables from getting stressed. You can also use heat shrink wrap, which is essentially free and can help relieve the stress on your headphone cords while using them. You can use this kind of product to help keep your cords in shape.

Wrap the cable around the jack body joint, and put some heat to it, and that’s it. If you’re going to use a heat gun to cure, then you just have to wrap the joints and apply some heat.

 Avoid Sitting On Your Headphones (earbuds)

We usually put our smartphone in our left pocket, and the keys in the right one, but what about your earbuds? You should put them in your back pocket. Over time and your mind is preoccupied with something else, and you forget all about the earbuds.

The only way to make sure that you do not get an ear-piercing sound when you are wearing your headphones is to put the headphone on your head. If you sit somewhere, and your headphones are broken, you will hear it immediately.

Turn Down The Bass Of Your Audio Device

Bass is a very important part of music, and therefore many people spend a lot of money on powerful, expensive headphones and speakers to get a better sound quality. However, if you’re using cheap headphones, they may not have enough power to produce deep, rich bass.

Turn Down The Audio Before Plugging In Headphones

It is important to reduce the volume of your smartphone’s music before plugging in your headphones, as this will allow you to get the best possible audio quality when listening to the music.

If you’re listening to music or watching a movie, it’s important to plug in your headphones before the volume reaches a level that will damage the speakers. It’s also a good idea to play at a lower volume than you would if you were using the device without headphones.

 Stop Buying Disposable Headphones

You get what you pay for, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get good-quality headphones. However, you should make sure the headphones are made well, and that they meet your needs.

When buying headphones and earbuds, always consider the quality. Low-quality headphones and earbuds can be very cheap, but they will eventually let you down when you need them. Make sure that you get high-quality headphones and earbuds.

The best way to buy cheap headphones is to find a brand that makes them for less money because then you know the sound quality will be of the same caliber as the rest of their products.


It’s important to use your headphones with care. Low-priced or high-priced headphones are all easily breakable electronic devices, and we should use them with care.

If you’re experiencing problems with your headphones, then it’s worth taking the time to get them fixed or replace them. If you do that, then you’ll be able to prevent further problems. But if your headphones get broken then you can also read what to do with broken headphones.

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