How To Install Skyrim VR Mods? Easy Methods

Skyrim VR Mods allow players to take their favorite video games and make them more realistic, immersive, and accessible in virtual reality. Using a free program called Blender, players can modify their in-game experience by editing, modeling, and adding new assets to their games and movies, all without using any special computer equipment.

There are several methods to install Skyrim VR Mods, each with its advantages and disadvantages. If you are new to installing Skyrim VR Mods, we highly recommend using the Vortex Installer for its simplicity and convenience.

How to install Skyrim VR mods in your game using Vortex Installer. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll go through the basic manual method, and show you how to use Vortex manager to add custom modifications to this popular VR game.

Get this guide to download the latest version of Skyrim VR if you’re running the virtual reality edition of the game. 

There are quite a lot of Skyrim Special Edition (SkSE) modding tools and mods that work with Skyrim VR, but a few mods don’t, like Better Water and Fire, and a few other mods can cause compatibility issues.

What mods will work on Skyrim VR?

Most Skyrim Special Edition mods will work in the Skyrim VR edition of the game. In addition, most of the mods from the Special Edition work with the game.

But there are a few exceptions. Mod that changes the first-person view of your character will not work. That is because, in the Skyrim VR game, your first-person view is your own hands that are being controlled by your motion controllers.

Mods from the Creation Club can’t be run unless they are stored in the Steam Workshop. Finally, mods that use Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE) or SkyUI cannot be run unless you’ve downloaded SKSE and SkyUI into your system.

Script Extender gives you the ability to implement mods with additional or altered scripts. Since this requires a few extra steps, we’ll show you how to get set up below. To install SkyUI, you’ll need to use Vortex manager.

You will receive an error if you attempt to install a mod that is not compatible with the Skyrim VR game using Vortex Manager.

How to Enable Mod Support for Skyrim VR?

Your game needs to be supported before you install any mods. To do this:

Make sure Skyrim VR runs smoothly if you haven’t done so already.

Go to Documents > My Games > Skyrim VR on your PC

In notepad, open SkyrimPrefs.ini.

Add the text [Launcher] at the bottom of the document. In the section below that, add the line bEnableFileSelection=1. Then save the file.

Now Mods be installed into the game as you wish!

Due to the limitations of the Playstation VR, you cannot mod Skyrim VR.

To modify Skyrim VR, let’s take a closer look at Vortex Installer.

In this article, we are going to show you how to use the Vortex installer for Skyrim VR. Using this method, you’ll be able to get custom working mods into the game as soon as possible.

A lot of people enjoy using the Vortex because it’s easy to use and there are no confusing settings or advanced knowledge required. However, not everyone will have the best experience using it.

What is Vortex Installer?

Mod manager software like Vortex Installer allows you to easily add mods to all kinds of different games. It supports several different games including Blade, Sorcery, Skyrim, Fallout, The Sims, and Borderlands. These games have the best integrated Mod Marketplace of any game I’ve ever played.

There is no longer an outdated guide on how to install Skyrim VR mods using NMM, as Vortex has now taken over the role of mod manager for Skyrim. However, if you’re a Mac user then you will need to use the manual installation instructions below.

You will need to use the manual installation method. If you download a mod from somewhere else besides Nexus Mods. Once you know how to do this, it’s time to get down to business. Let’s look at how to use Skyrim VR mods and customize the game.

How to Install Skyrim VR Mods By Using Vortex Installer

If you use the Vortex tool to install Skyrim VR mods, this article will help you get started. These tips will help you get familiar with the tool and its features.

These step-by-step instructions will show you how to install Skyrim VR game mods using the Vortex Mod Manager from the Nexus mods page. It only takes 10 minutes.

Download Vortex Mod Manager

You can download the latest version in your specific folder now by going to the Nexus mods page.

Select Manual Download

Click on the Manual Install button at the bottom of the Nexus page. This will download the Vortex software to your computer.

Select Slow Download

Scroll down and choose the slow download option. When it is done downloading, double-click on it to install Vortex on your computer.

Login With Your Account

When the Vortex application launches, click the login button, which will sign you in to your account.

Find Skyrim VR

To find the Skyrim VR game, search for it in the games tab.

Manage Skyrim VR

Hover over the Skyrim VR icon and then click on manage Skyrim VR.

Find a Mod to Install

You will need to find a mod to install. You can then download it from the Nexus website.

Select Vortex Download Method

This mod is easy to download. Just click the vortex download method when you want to use the mod.

Select Slow Download

Scroll down the Nexus website page and Please click the “Slow Download” option, and the file will download gradually.

Open in Vortex

By default, your browser will prompt you to open the mod directly in the Vortex mod manager. To do so, click Open Vortex.

Install Skyrim VR Mod and Enable

If you’ve installed the mod in Skyrim VR you will see it listed under the Mods tab. You will then need to activate the mod by going into the game’s Options menu under Skyrim VR video game.

How to Install Skyrim VR Mods Manually

Below you will find detailed instructions for manually installing Skyrim VR mods without Vortex Mod Manager. Manually installing mods is not recommended as it requires manual file editing.

If you have hundreds of mods that you want to install, then Vortex Mod Manager will make the process much easier. Follow the instructions below to enable mod support for the Skyrim VR game if you choose to manually install Skyrim VR mods.

For each mod you are installing manually, create a new line in the file plugins.txt in the folder C:/Users//AppData/Local/Skyrim VR. The “Pluginname.esp” part should match the mod file every time you use a mod.

With the installation of Skyrim VR mods manually, you want to make sure that they are installed in the Data folder of your Skyrim VR folder. Then, drag them to the Skyrim VR launcher and click Install Mod.

Installation guide for Skyrim Script Extender VR (SKSE VR)

The Skyrim Script Extender must first be installed before SkyrimVR mods can be installed. Mods can be installed with additional or modified scripts with SKSE. In these mods, code is injected into Skyrim’s executable files.

When you try to use other mods without downloading SKSE, you may encounter errors. Installation and setup of SKSE:

From the official website, download the SKSE VR .zip file and extract it to your desktop.

You will find five files and three folders in the main folder. Do not open the “src” or “actionbindings” folders. “Data” folder is zipped up and renamed to “SKSE_Data”.

Drag and drop this zip file into your Vortex download folder or copy it there.

You’ll now need to copy the 5 single files (all starting with sksevr_) into your SkyrimVR folder. Go to the folder where the SkyrimVR.exe is located, right-click the file sksevr_loader.exe, and create a shortcut to the desktop.

You’ve installed SKSE VR. Now, you should be able to use any Skyrim VR mods without errors.

How to Install SkyUI

SkyUI adds a mod configuration menu to Skyrim which allows you to view the status of all your mods. It also improves the UI for Loot and Inventory for VR players. Other mods use SkyUI as well, so if you install this mod, you’ll have maximum compatibility with other mods.

This can be installed by visiting its page on Nexus Mods and following the instructions. It’s that simple. If you have any questions, please ask in the comments section below!

Skyrim VR Mods Enabled in the Game

When you’ve loaded up a few mods for the Skyrim VR game, how do you use them? Skyrim VR mods load up with the game, unlike games like Blade and Sorcery, where mods have to be enabled in the game!

Installing SkyUI is a breeze and you can see an updated menu sorting out all of your inventory-related mods much nicer.

This was all about How to install Skyrim VR mods and get set up. Comment below if you are having any problems installing mods. We’ll help you out! You can also check our cheapest VR headsets list here. These Virtual reality headsets replace the user’s natural environment with virtual reality content. You can access local content using many VR headsets since they use your phone as a display.

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