How to Hear Own Voice in Headset

How to hear own voice in headset? is a typical question that occurs during the process of a skype call. To hear own voice in the headset is one of the main concerns of beginners. It is a pain point for many skype users, but it is important because; The sound of your voice can affect your confidence in a video call or a professional presentation. It can also affect the attitude of your audience.

When you want to follow somebody online or want to listen to music, you need to solve the problem of how to hear own voice in headset. I have been using headsets for a long time. I have a collection of cheap headphones and the most expensive ones, but I never could solve the problem of hearing my voice in a headset. But this problem has been solved by me. This blog will explain how to hear own voice in headset and how to solve your problem.

How to Hear Own Voice in Headset

What is sidetone?

When you talk on your phone, you want to be able to hear yourself over the person on the other end of the line. If you don’t hear yourself when talking, your microphone isn’t working properly.

This will allow you to check if your call is connected or not. You’ll know if your call is connected before you speak, which will help to avoid confusion and irritation when you’re speaking non-stop for a few minutes.

Mobile phones do not use sidetone so we can’t tell when the call is live or when it has been disconnected. Many landline phones don’t use sidetone which makes it harder for us to know when the call is live or when it’s been disconnected.

The ability to hear your voice properly is important for anyone who is hearing impaired. You will learn how to improve your phone conversation when you learn how to add sidetone to your phone.

Having the right amount of sidetone can help to improve the call quality and ensure that you can have a successful conversation.

Why sidetone is Important?

We want to make sure that we can hear and be heard loud and clear when we make phone calls.

When we talk on the phone, we need a way to hear each other without having to yell. We have this technology, known as a sidetone, built into some of our products, like cell phones and office headsets.

When the sidetone is removed from our communication technology products, it makes it more difficult for us to know what level to speak at. Without the sidetone, we can’t regulate the volume of our voice, so we don’t know if the proper volume of our voice sound is correct.

How to hear own voice in headset on PC

How to hear own voice in headset on PC
PC headset

Adjusting sidetone in your PC

Windows 7 and above includes a feature to turn on and off the sidetone feature. If you’d like to see if you have a sidetone headset and if you experience your office headsets without the sidetone feature activated, follow the simple steps below to activate or deactivate the sidetone feature on your computer.

Enable sidetone in Windows

To hear your own voice in headset on PC:

  • Select Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • After you do that, look for Hardware and Sound in the list of options.
  • Click on the Recording Tab.
  • You can test a device by clicking the device’s properties
  • A window should appear with the transmit properties
  • Choose the “Listen to this device” box.
  • To apply, click the Apply button.

Disable sidetone in Windows

You can disable the sidetone feature in windows by following these steps:

  • Select Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • After you do that, look for Hardware and Sound in the list of options.
  • Click on the Recording Tab.
  • Choose the device you would like to test from the list
  • Right-click on the properties button
  • A window should appear called Transmit Properties
  • Make sure the listen to this device box is unchecked or cleared
  • Click Apply
  • Click OK
  • Close the sound window by clicking OK.

How to hear own voice in headset on Mac?

If you want to hear your own voice, Open Quicktime > Select File > New Audio Recording. Use the microphone icon to select your microphone. Move the volume control to the right.

How to hear own voice in headset on Mac?
Mac Headset

How Can I Hear my own voice on Android Headset?

If you are using a tablet or phone to record music, but want to sing into a separate mic, you’d need to set up a mixer and, To listen to both audio inputs, connect the vocal mic and the android device to the mixer, and then connect the headphones to the mixer.

How can I hear myself in my headset Xbox?

You can do this by:

  • Click the Xbox button to open the guide. 
  • Select Settings. 
  • Select General.  
  • Select Volume and audio output. 
  • Select Party chat output. 
  • Select Headset.

How Can I Hear Myself On PS4 Headset?

  • Plug in your headphones and go to Settings 
  • Then select Devices.
  • Select Audio Devices. 
  • Then Devices and Audio Settings on PS4
  • Click Sidetone Volume down below. 
  • Click the Sidetone volume option. 
  • Turn it on by increasing the volume. Sidetone volume levels.
PS4 Headset

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How Can I Hear Myself On Plantronics Headset?

When you have your Plantronics headset on a computer, turn down the headset volume on your computer by 50-70% and disable sidetone if it’s enabled.

The Plantronics headset does have a lot of volumes, so you may want to turn down the volume on your computer. Echo cancellation is great for when you’re listening to music, but you might be using your headset with a computer. Adjust your headset volume down on your computer to avoid echo and sidetone.

Plantronics Headset

How Can I Hear Myself At Turtle Beaches?

  • Open the Sound Settings
  • Click the Playback tab.
  • Double-click the Turtle Beach USB headset icon and click the Microphone slider.
  • Drag the slider to the left.

How can I Hear Myself In Zoom With Headphones?

  • In Zoom, go to the bottom left and select the up-arrow by “Stop Video”. 
  • From the left side menu, select “Video Settings.” – Click on “Audio.”. 
  • Select the headphones you wish to use when talking with others. 
  • Select the headphones/device you would like to use for the Microphone.

How Can I Hear Myself In My Sony Headphones?

Due to the Sidetone feature of your Bluetooth® headphones, you can hear yourself speak through the earbuds. By using this function, a caller will hear an audible confirmation that the phone is working. 

In loud environments, this function may be excessive since the microphone on your headphones will pick up the ambient noise.

Sony Headphones

How Can I Hear Myself On My Turtle Beach Headset?

The mic is working properly if you can hear yourself when you talk into the microphone, but the settings on your console may not be set up to use the headset.

To use a USB headset (Stealth 700), navigate to Settings > Devices > Audio Devices and select it.

How Can I Hear Myself In My Turtle Beach Recon 200?

The Turtle Beach Recon 200 has a built-in mic. To raise or lower the mic monitor volume, move the lower volume dial on the headset up or down. 

With the headset connected to the controller, speak directly into the microphone. When you speak into the microphone you should be able to hear yourself.

How Can I Hear Myself In My Turtle Beach Recon 200?
Turtle Beach Recon 200

Why Can I Hear My Own Mic?

Microsoft reports that some sound cards use a Windows feature called “Microphone Boost” that may create an echo.

To disable this, click on the “Recording” tab, then right-click on your headset and click “Properties.”

Selecting the “Levels” tab in the Microphone Properties window will reveal the “Microphone Boost” tab.

To disable the boost, uncheck this tab.  

Why Can’t I Hear My Voice In My Headset?

  • Make sure the volume is high and the audio source is on. 
  • Turn up your headphones’ volume if your headphones have a volume button or knob. 
  • Make sure your headphones are securely plugged in and turn off any other audio devices.
  • To listen to the audio source using a line remote, disconnect the remote and plug directly into the audio source.

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Why Can’t I Hear Myself In My Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Xbox?

  • Open the Settings menu.
  • Then click All Settings
  • Then SelectKinect & Devices.
  • And then select Devices & Accessories.
  • You will see all the controllers that are currently connected to the console.
  • You can scroll to the right to see other devices that are being used with the console.
  • This headset will be listed as “Headset”.

Why Can’t I Hear Myself Talk In My Headset Xbox One?

  • Disconnect the headset from the controller.
  • Then unplug the headset cable from the bottom of the controller.
  • Reconnect the headset.
  • Ensure that the headset is not muted.

How Do I Delay My Microphone?

If you wish to delay your audio sources, click Edit -> Advanced Audio Properties and edit the Sync Offset (ms) field. 

Add a Video Delay (Async) filter if you need to delay your video sources.

Add a Render Delay filter to other sources (Window/Game/Display Capture) and adjust the settings.


We hope you enjoyed our post on how to hear your own voice in the headset. When you’re using a headset to talk to other people, you want to be able to talk as loudly as you want without worrying about disturbing anybody else. We hope our tips help you to speak up, whether you’re in an office or your home. If you have any other questions about headsets, please contact us anytime in the comment section. Thank Thanks for reading, we are always happy to provide you with useful information on a topic like this!

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