How To Fullscreen VRChat? 5 Simple Solutions

When the game starts, hold shift. This will launch the game on full screen.

VRchat game takes gaming to a whole new level with its full graphical display.

The game is compatible with the full-screen mode on your computer or laptop. Without knowing the facts, many gamers are complaining about the difficulties in switching to the full-screen mode.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to fullscreen VRchat, then read the following small summary. It’ll explain why you keep seeing the VRchat on a small screen. It’ll also tell you how to fix them.

What is VRChat?

Virtual reality is an online virtual reality-based game that can be played with VR headsets like Oculus Quest or HTC Vive. VRChat allows users to create their virtual world.

VRChat is a fantastic virtual reality chat application. You can meet new friends and chat with your favorite people on a platform that offers full-body avatars.

This is an interesting game that teaches users about facial recognition. You can make realistic hand gestures and even eye contact. It’s fun and easy to play, and it’s free.

The desktop mode of mobile VRChat can be used without a headset. To play on your phone, you’ll need a processor of at least an i5.

VRChat is compatible with a GTX 970 or equivalent graphics card. There should be at least 1GB of free space on your computer. The amount of space you have on your computer should not be limited. Pixel SHADER and Vertex SHADER should both be 5.

VR isn’t just for kids; it’s a place teens and adults can play in safety and comfort too.

How To Fullscreen VRChat

Fullscreen mode allows you to take your VRChat experience to the next level. By eliminating distractions from the real world, you can immerse yourself in the virtual one.

1. Use proper Avatar

To make a proper avatar for your virtual reality (VR) experience, you should use the official site for VRChat avatars. The site has correct avatars that can be adjusted to fit your character’s appearance.

2. Modify your Hardware

Sometimes you can solve the problem by replacing the hardware. Your hardware may not be compatible with the game. You must be sure to meet the requirements to play the game. To play the game, always keep your hardware updated.

3. Receive the latest VRChat

The latest version of VRChat is always the best. Make sure to check the version of VRChat you’re playing to avoid any crashes. Developers will always keep it updated so you never have to worry about it.

Download the update, install it, and it will fix your small screen problem.

4. Updating Third-party Application

Update your third-party applications when you use them in the game. If they are not updated, they will not work with the game. Always update third-party applications.

5. Upgrading your Drivers

There are several potential causes of screen border issues, including a faulty cable, an old driver version, or a hardware problem. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date.

Visit the Motherboard website to update your Drivers. Next, visit the Drivers and check for updates. These are the most common fixes for scaling a screen. It is also possible to manually adjust the screen resolution.

When you join a VRChat game, it may ask you to set up a microphone so that you can talk to others. When you are holding the Shift key, you will hear a beep sound.

Set a lower graphics resolution. You can try this method if this one doesn’t work. You can do so by opening your game settings and changing the resolution to a lower value.

Why does VRChat Not Work in Fullscreen mode?

The problem can be caused by several factors. They may be custom avatars or system requirements, or they may be caused by heavy cache files. Here are the issues that could cause this issue:

1. Cache files are overloaded

VRChat is a very high-end game. The game requires fast access to the processor as well as many cache files. Many cache files can be stored in a lot of memory.

There is a problem here that the game appears on a small screen.

2. Backdated Drivers

If you are running into problems because your computer is not set up properly, you need to backdate your drivers and system files. These can cause a lot of errors and problems that prevent VRChat from loading correctly.

All video game consoles are compatible with the latest drivers. This issue can occur when you have an outdated driver.

3. Custom Avatars

You can import avatar data from other games to customize your avatars, to make Vrchat more enjoyable. These imported avatars may or may not always be compatible with the game. That’s why the game’s screen looks small.

4. DirectX backdated version

A tiny screen problem is likely to occur if DirectX is not updated. DirectX is a collection of Application Programming Interfaces (API) that handles multimedia tasks such as games or videos in Windows. In a backdated version of DirectX, the program cannot be controlled.

You will appear on a smaller screen because of this.

5. VRChat Backdated Version

In addition to the most common problems, a VRChat developer will backdate a new version of VRChat if there are any bugs or other issues.

This will make your screen smaller. Many problems can be caused by your system, but once we have identified the problem, it will become easier to find a solution.

Graphics Settings

Go to the menu, then click Safety.

Then click on Performance Options.

Click on Advanced Graphics.

That’s all. You can choose graphics quality and multisample antialiasing.

Change the Screen Resolution

Select VRchat from the Steam library.

Right-click and select “Properties“.

This menu has the “General” tab. We need to add the following command in the launch options. -screen width 1920 -screen height 1080.

You can now change the library to the current resolution instead of 1080 and 1920.

Once you have written the command, click the cross to start VRchat.

To acquire the resolution you need on full screen, use the previous resolution command in addition to the fullscreen command.


In conclusion, VRChat is a very popular game on the VR platform. You can experience a great VR experience with this game. But there are some problems when playing in desktop mode; the game has some border or scaling issues.

In this post, I explained the reason behind this issue and fixed it using several methods. I hope you will understand the reason behind this issue and find the method of solution to the small screen issue.


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