How long do headsets last

Having a good headset increases the overall experience of a person. A good headset is having good aesthetics and it would fit well for your ears. Most people are concerned about how long their headsets would last. 

How long do headsets last

A good headset usually lasts from 2 to 5 years but you can prolong the duration up to 10 years by taking care of it. You may ask what does a good headset mean? A good set is generally expensive, lightweight provides a clear sound, good build quality, great user experience and has a 1-year replacement warranty. Inexpensive headsets don’t provide any quality of a good headset.

How long do headphones usually last?

Currently, I am using Arctics 5 of Steelseries, it’s a wired headset. Through my experience, you can get to know about how long do wired headphones last? I bought this for $100 back in 2019 and it’s been 2 years and it’s totally working fine similar to a new headset. My purchase decision was to have the best gaming headset to be used in streaming as well and this headset proved this well.

Headphone lifespan is completely dependent on you and how you take care of the headset while using it and cleaning it from dust particles. You might be thinking how long do cheap headphones last? An average headset would last from 2 to 3 months not more than it. It would start depreciating from the day you purchased it. 

Why do gaming headsets break so easily?

Generally headsets’ lifespan depends on different parameters; here are few of them.


Generally, headsets with a good price range used to last more because of its price to value features. Inexpensive headsets would break fast. A premium headset provides you a better touch and feel of it. Logitech, Steelseries, Razer, and Corsair are the best manufacturers of gaming headsets or you can use them for multi-purposes. A good headset provides a greater experience and would rely upon your expectations.


A headset consists of a wire, headband, ear cups, and ear puds. Nowadays most headsets consist of plastic but it must be checked whether the quality of plastic is good or not. Plastic Material is also used to reduce the weight of the headset to let you feel comfortable on your ears. Materials used in inexpensive headsets are not up to the ward to provide you a greater value.


Cable quality of your headset must be good so it won’t break internally with a stretch in the wire. If it breaks, the sound would be discontinued or disturbed.

Rolling Over the Cord

When you roll the cord of the headset tightly they break internally and as a result, they stop working. For avoiding risk you must manage the cord in a way that it won’t break. Rolling a cable in the right manner won’t break headsets.

Forgetting it on Your Head

This generally happens when you were doing intense gaming and focused on your Cs Go or Fortnite gameplay and someone outside called you and you forgot to take off the headphones before leaving, a stretch to your headphone would result in its performance as the headset is connected through a wire.

Travelling without a case

when you have to travel somewhere and you need your headset along with the way but you simply put your headset in your bag. This would create a mess and would result in some disaster to your headset. So the best way to avoid it by carrying a headset case along with you.

Pulling the Cord, Not the Plug

When you are shifting between different devices such as a laptop and a desktop you generally share accessories such as a headset. So while taking the plug out of the usb slot you plug the cord rather than holding the plug, as a result of this your headset wires might break or stop working.

Sweat and Moisture

Gaming headsets are not used to be waterproof. When you kept on using the headset for longer gaming sessions, your ears would start getting wet and that might cause the failure of the internal speakers of your headset. To avoid this you must be taking a gap by putting the headset off from your ears.

Speakers failure

Every product is having a life cycle but the speakers used in cheap headsets are not up to the standard of expensive headsets. This is also a reason for failure of the headset.

Sleeping while wearing headphones

When you sleep while wearing headsets and you turn either right or left, this would increase the weight of your headset and this would result in a break of your headset band or speaker drivers. So better to buy a pair of wireless buds while listening to music during sleep.

How often should you replace a gaming headset?

Replacing a gaming headset is totally dependent on the user. Nowadays brands like Logitech, Steelseries, Razer and Corsair are launching products very frequently. If you are a tech geek or want to have a better gaming headset than the past then you upgrade to a new headset with added features and increased comfort level.

If your previous headset is working fine and you are ok with it then you must not upgrade. Why do people usually upgrade? They want to have a new added experience and with a better value to money product which would serve their purpose of purchase.

How long do wireless headphones charge last?

Each headset charging time fluctuates from other headset based upon their battery size, charging technology and the time claimed by the manufacturer. Average wireless headset takes 2-3 hours generally. Wireless headsets with new technology can take 1-2 hours to charge till 100% and it would be easily denoted through and red led light. Charging time fluctuates in inear, on ear and over ear headsets.


Wireless headphones are more convenient to use for any type of user but on the other end it is charged and then a user would be able to use it. A Lot of wired headset problems would be resolved by a wireless headset. You would be concerned  about how long should headphones battery last? Bluetooth headsets can last upto 6-8 hours on a single charge.A good Bluetooth headset from a premium brand can last on an average of 20-22 hours and even upto 30 hours if you disable the Active Noise Cancellation(ANC) Feature.

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