Can you use 2 Headsets on PS4?

Sony is always making new announcements about its consoles. But they’ve never made a big announcement as big as the one about their new console, the PS5. And that’s exactly why they are getting so much attention.

You can’t tell your friend that you have no headset? That’s a shame. I would have loved to play with you, but I didn’t have my headset.

Yes, you can connect multiple headsets to the Playstation 4 and Playstation 5, but the best way I found to do it is to use a splitter. You just need to connect the splitter to the controller and then connect the two headsets to the endpoints of the splitter.

Splitters are the cheapest e-commerce product on Amazon, and you can get one for as little as $8.

The connection between the headset and the splitter is only half the battle. You also need to go into the settings and make sure you have the right settings for Bluetooth. Let’s take a look at how to properly set up multiple headsets on PS4 and PS5.

Can you use 2 Headsets on PS4?

Can I use 2 headsets on one PS4?

Yes. You can connect multiple headsets that support Bluetooth to your PS4. Simply open the Settings menu and navigate to Connected Devices. Choose the Connected Headset option and you will be able to select which headset is connected to your console. You can disconnect all of them if you wish by tapping their corresponding buttons on the console. The only drawback with this feature is that you will not be able to see what’s going on while a game is running because the screen is off.

How to connect multiple headsets on PS4 at the same time?

You can connect multiple headsets on PS4 at the same time by following steps:

  • You’ll need to buy a splitter and connect it to your controller.
  • Connect the two headphones to the input of the splitter.
  • You’ll now have to create a new account for the second headset.
  • To create a second account, press and hold the Playstation button.
  • Switch to the ‘Power’ user and select the ‘Switch user’ option.
  • Pair your second headset with the first headset, and create a new account.
  • Connecting the new headset to your account is easy. Go to Settings > Devices.
  • Headset connected to the controller.
  • Once you’re done with the above steps, go to the bottom, select ‘Output to headphones’, and choose ‘All audio’ or ‘Chat’, whichever is better for you.

If you use an Apple TV, you can use AirPlay to stream audio to your home theater system. You can use this to play music from your iPhone or iPad.

This is a good choice for someone who wants to save a few bucks but still wants to get a quality product.

How to connect multiple headsets on PS4 at the same time with a microphone?

You can play video games with two headphone outputs on your controller. It’s not easier to hold the controller and keep the headset from falling off your friend’s ears.

I went through a lot of brainstorming, drank some Mountain Dew, and ate a bag of chips to come up with a new way to connect the headsets, and it involves using a microphone.

Any microphone will do for this setup. You can use a microphone that has a 3.5mm headphone jack, or you can use a microphone without a headphone jack, and simply use an adapter that lets you plug your headphones into the mic.

  • Connect your microphone to your Playstation. I will provide a list of various microphones at the end.
  • Place the microphone in different locations. See which one works best for you.
  • Once the mic is connected to the splitter, the microphone should now be able to be used with the camera.
  • Plug the audio output of the splitter into your computer and then plug your Bluetooth headphones into the splitter.
  • Open “Settings”. You’ll see that you can connect to two different accounts. Connect two of your headsets to different accounts.
  • You can turn on your headphone, go to Settings > Devices > input/output devices > choose your preferred headphone, and you are done.

This is a perfect headset for playing online games where you need to frequently communicate with other players since it uses a real microphone and has a built-in headphone jack.

You can use your headset as a microphone if you want. However, it’s better to get a separate microphone. This way, you don’t have to pay for a second headset.

I record videos using the microphone when I’m not playing games.

This microphone is a great choice for the home studio or any other location where you need a high-quality mic for voice-over, podcasting, interviews, and more.

How to connect multiple headsets on PS4 at the same time with a headphone adaptor?

The best gaming headsets are the ones that offer a USB port, allowing you to connect the headset directly to the PlayStation console. You can plug the headset directly into the USB port and use it as normal.

I tried using a splitter to connect two headphones into one adapter and experienced severe distortions. After a few tweaks, the crackling was gone, but the sound quality wasn’t any better. You might want to consider getting an adapter instead.

How to connect multiple headsets on PS4 at the same time with a headphone adaptor?

How to connect  Bluetooth headsets on PS5 using a headphone adapter?

It’s like the PS4, but with a few differences. You’ll find that the PS5 has a different interface than the PS4 and that the PlayStation Pulse 3D Wireless Headset and the Platinum Wireless Headset are natively compatible with the PS5.

You can use your smartwatch to pair it with a Bluetooth speaker or any other device.

To connect the third-party headsets, you will need a wired adaptor or a wireless adaptor. For the wired adaptor and the wireless adaptor, here’s how you can connect it to the PS5.

  • You can connect the PS5’s built-in Bluetooth adapter to the controller and the controller’s built-in Bluetooth mic to your headset.
  • You’ll need the adapter if you’re using the microphone, but not if you’re using the headset.
  • To change the input/output settings from default to your headphones, you’ll have to go to Settings > Sound > Headphones/Speakers
  • Click ‘Microphone’ and select ‘Headset’.
  • Set the output to “USB Headphones”.

How to connect  Bluetooth headsets on PS5 using a third-party Bluetooth adapter?

In this section, I’ll teach how to connect a Bluetooth headset to your computer.

  • Plug in the USB stick (adapter) to your PS5.
  • Plug in your Bluetooth headphones and plug the adapter into the headphone jack.
  • If you’re using the PS5, it won’t use the microphone in your headset. You’ll have to use a different headset, or buy one that comes with one.
  • Turn on the Microphone on Controller in Settings > Sound > Microphone and select it from the list of choices.
  • Open the “output device” window by clicking the speaker icon (top left).

You can use multiple headsets at the same time by connecting them to the same adapter, provided that your adapter supports multiple devices. And if you are looking for one, the Skull & Co. AudioStick 5.0 Wireless Audio transmitter is a nice place to start.

How to connect  Bluetooth headsets on PS5 using a third-party Bluetooth adapter?

Is there a way to use two headsets and mics with a ps4 at the same time?

If you have multiple microphones connected to your console and have a wireless microphone adapter that allows you to have multiple inputs on your wireless controller, then yes. You can just set them up to each play a different input. Using two headsets with a PlayStation 4 is fairly easy. The first step is setting up the devices in the console. With the latest consoles, users can go into their settings, find Audio, and click on Headset Output. From there, they have options for different sound outputs including Stereo Audio, Spatial Audio, or Headphones.

Can I use 2 headsets on the same console at the same time?

If you have two different consoles, you can, but it is not allowed on one console.

Xbox has no official support for using more than one headset connected at once, but some people have figured out how to get around the issue. It involves using the Xbox One’s “Audio Devices” app to select which sound source is the primary.


Officially licensed headsets will work fine with the PS5. However, you’ll need to use an adapter if your headphones are wireless. An analog headset will also work fine, but you’ll need to use an adapter.

Both wired and Bluetooth headsets are good alternatives to each other. Analog headphones aren’t inferior at all, so if you don’t have the budget, get a pair of wired headsets.

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You can simply plug in a second headset and mic. If you have a DualShock controller and a headset, then you just have to set your Dualshock controller up for headset usage. Otherwise, you can always use your default headset. You will have to go into the settings menu for PS4. Go to options then audio settings. Select input and choose the mic you want to use.

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