12 Best Multiplayer VR Games in July 2022

These are some of the best multiplayer VR games that offer an immersive experience and allow you to go head-to-head with friends or strangers in multiplayer modes.

The only way to make it better is for people to be able to share these worlds. A shared experience builds bonds and creates a unique experience that solo playing cannot offer. We would love to hear about your experiences in these worlds.

In the below-listed games, you can play with your friends through virtual reality around the world. Whether you’ll work together or compete against each other, there’s a game here for every preference.

Best Multiplayer VR Games

With the introduction of VR games, the gaming world reached new heights. This new way of experiencing games by being a part of the (virtual) environment has made gaming more enjoyable than ever.

What topped the VR experience? Multi-player features on the VR games. Yes, some games let you play in the virtual world but also let your friends tag along.

Echo VR

Echo VR is comprised of two different games Echo Arena and Echo Combat. The Ready at Dawn-developed title is free to Oculus owners, so those with a Rift can enjoy Arena without spending any money, although Combat costs $9.99.

Echo Arena combines multiplayer and skill-based gameplay while the new Competitive mode puts your players up against each other as they work together to win matches.

It’s the most popular multiplayer fitness game. No matter what mode you prefer, you’ll find lots of multiplayer fun. Echo VR is now available on Oculus Rift and will shortly be available on Oculus Quest. It was awarded our Best VR Competitive Fitness Game of the Year in 2018 and costs $9.


The best social VR game is VRChat. It allows you to play with millions of other people from all over the world and get immersed in online virtual reality. You can even connect with your friends and share your adventures in real life.

You can also invite your buddies to the same virtual world as you are or create a private world for them. Moreover, speaking of virtual worlds, there are many worlds of different genres. Whether you want to experience horror or find a place to chill with your friends, VRChat has all of it just a search away. Additionally, you can choose how you look from the myriad free avatars or create one yourself and show it off to everyone.

The PlayStation VR features eye-tracking, 3D audio, and more.

Sprint Vector

Sprint Vector is one of the most popular arm workouts in virtual reality because it has you constantly moving your arms, which speeds up your arm movements and will help increase your arm strength.

Try to beat your best times in the challenge mode, and you’ll find it to be one of the best coop fitness games out there. If you’re looking for a great, free game that can be played with a friend, this is it.

Sprint Vector has been rated as being equal to an elliptical by the VR Institute of Health and Exercise, and it won our Best VR Arm Workout Game of the Year in 2017 It’s currently available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $29.99.

Spaceteam VR

With the help of 6 other players, you need to communicate clearly and effectively while navigating through space. If you’re not playing Spaceteam VR, you’re missing out.

You’ll need to call out commands to your friends to instruct them to press buttons or perform certain actions, but a bunch of chaotic elements gets thrown in the mix. Not only are the commands often confusing or tongue-twisting in nature, but your console could burst into flames or your voice could become modulated while issuing commands.

It’s hectic fun and one of the best party coop games available on the Oculus Quest. Plus, you can play with non-VR users — at least one VR user can play with up to five players on mobile devices, provided you’re all in the same room.


If you’re looking for a competitive multiplayer shooter on Oculus Quest, then Onward is your best bet. It’s the definitive military sim FPS — you play in 5v5 battles against other players online, with a range of weapons and three game modes to choose from.

The Rift S is an excellent headset. It’s not perfect, but it does offer some great experiences, including this excellent version of one of the best PC VR games.

This is a must-have app if you own a Quest headset, and you enjoy shooters. It works across both the Quest and PC VR platforms.

PokerStars VR

I know you love poker. You love playing poker with your friends and you love playing it on VR headsets. Well, good news! PokerStars VR is the most prominent poker title available for VR headsets. Now you and your friends can join a plethora of online tables to play poker just like in real life.

If you want to get a real poker table feel, you can even light a virtual cigar. It’s just like playing online poker with friends, except now you can do it in virtual reality.

We offer cross-platform play between Oculus Quest, Rift, and SteamVR.

Arizona Sunshine

The best zombie shooter game is Arizona Sunshine. Its campaign is long enough for you to get lost in, and its wave-based horde mode is just as fun to play solo or with friends. Both the campaign and the horde mode support multiplayer, so you can jump in with a friend who also has the game on Quest.

Arizona Sunshine remains a solid option for Quest players, although there are much better games out there at launch than this one. However, if you need co-op and/or want to have a full co-op experience, this is a solid option.

You’ve got to buy the Oculus Quest version to get the full game experience, but as of April, the Oculus Quest version of the game has received all the same post-launch content as the PC VR version.


Contractors is a military-themed shooter that doesn’t come close to matching the high standards set by the other games on our list. It features some nice visuals and an interesting premise, but ultimately its lack of visual appeal and lackluster control mechanics make it an underwhelming choice.

It’s possible to jump, sprint, and slide around maps. The real focus is on multiplayer modes, where you’ll be able to choose between cooperative objective mode and online competitive PvP matches.

If you’re playing this game in a virtual reality headset, it means that you can cross-play with the Quest version. If you play it on a non-Quest platform (PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One), you can’t cross-play.

Real VR Fishing

Real VR Fishing is a pretty simple game. It’s fishing in VR with multiplayer support. If you’re looking to get a bit of fishing in with a friend, Real VR Fishing is probably the best option (and the only one for Quest).

The online multiplayer support is a pretty new addition to the game. It supports up to four users at once, and Ian had a great time when he tried it out on launch.

With virtual reality devices becoming more and more popular, Real VR Fishing may be just what the doctor ordered. Take a virtual fishing trip with your friends, and have fun while you do it.

You might not see the new Virtual Reality Fishing update on the Oculus Quest yet, but it’s worth waiting a few weeks for. You can catch fish in your room and invite your friends to come and join in the fun.

Eleven Table Tennis

When push comes to shove, Eleven Table Tennis is just table tennis in VR.

There’s something special about being able to play ping pong in any setting with anyone else in the world. You can play 1:1 against a friend online, or with a random person who lives nearby, and use the same table tennis surface as them, with your own two hands.

It works well because it feels like the real thing. There’s relatively little physical resistance when you hit a ball in table tennis in real life, so a VR translation feels scary accurate.

The real-life version of Table Tennis, called Ping Pong, works with both the PlayStation Vita and the PlayStation 4. And, it includes a 3D printable model of the official paddle so you can feel just like the pros.

There’s nothing like playing a fun, competitive game of table tennis in virtual reality, which is why it’s a perfect fit for Oculus Quest.


Demeo is a new game from Resolution Games, a veteran team behind the likes of Arizona Sunshine, Arizona Sunshine 2, and Arizona Sunshine: Survival Instinct. This new title takes VR gaming out of a shared headset and places it into an open world, where up to four participants can take on randomized adventures.

After you beat the first campaign, there are five additional levels to conquer. There are plenty of standard elements of a tabletop RPG, such as turn-based combat, a fantasy setting, and class choices, but this game isn’t about those alone.

Demeo is an engaging, near-peerless tabletop game, but more importantly, it’s a social VR experience that takes the awkwardness out of getting your friends and strangers to play.

Get your Quest headset and go to the store and download the game for free. We are excited to announce that it’s now available on both Quest and PC VR on Steam, along with some exciting upcoming DLC campaigns.

The Under Presents

Under Presents is like a game, an experience, and a live VR theater. It incorporates other participants excitingly and uniquely that we haven’t seen elsewhere. You will explore the world, interact with other players, and participate in a unique story that weaves its way through different worlds and locations, including a dark forest, a mysterious town, and a haunted mansion.

The Under Presents allows you to communicate using gestures, and it has no way of knowing who is using it. Developers Tender Claws plan to use The Under Presents as a hub for multiplayer and live VR content. Access to the multiplayer hub is free, and the 45-minute intro to The Under Presents’ world is included with the download.

The Under Presents has brought the best immersive live theater experiences into a reality, so you have to try it now. They’re returning with live-from-VR interactive performances of Shakespeare’s The Tempest this March.

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