5 Best headset for rainbow six siege in July 2022

Rainbow Six Siege is an incredibly unique video game from Tom Clancy. In this game, complex audio cues are one of the most important factors. Nowadays, everybody wants the best headset for rainbow six sieges.

Also, the company has implemented some of the best sound dynamics so users can have an immersive experience, which is more enjoyable while using the rainbow six siege’s best sound settings.

The gaming headset space is crowded, so you need to do your research before making a purchase. If you want the best headset, you can’t just pick any random headset. To make the gaming experience more enjoyable and successful, you need to have the best headset for Rainbow six siege.

That’s why we have picked the top 5 best rainbow headsets to optimize your gameplay. Moreover, we made sure to include a headset according to everyone’s taste, making sure that you can find an authentic option to enhance your experience. We have analyzed and tested these headsets for their gaming performances, sound quality, and comfortability.

Best Headset for Rainbow six siege





  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Weight: 275g
  • Driver: 53mm
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Weight: 0.94 lbs
  • Hi-Res Speaker Drivers
  • Connectivity: Wired
  • Weight: 1.38 lbs
  • Compatible: Multiplatform

Best Headset For Rainbow Six Siege

We have listed below the best gaming headset for rainbow six siege, you can choose the best headset from the following list which suits your gaming style. So let’s get dig into it.

HyperX Cloud II – Best Overall

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset


  • Durability: Made up of a durable and solid aluminum frame that is built to last long.
  • Comfort: Memory foam ear cushions and an adjustable leatherette headband make it easy to concentrate on gaming.
  • Exceptional sound quality: High-quality audio is provided by 53 millimeters of large drivers.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound: Experience immersing virtual 7.1 surround sound for precisely located audio
  • Compatibility: Highly compatible with PCs, Macs, Mobile devices, Xbox One, etc.

When you are looking for the best headset for rainbow six siege, your primary is versatility. This means that you need to find a headset compatible with different gaming consoles, and the rainbow headset also gives you multiple advantages in terms of performance.

With its multi-functional USB cord, the HyperX Cloud II is compatible with Macs, Xbox, PCs, and PS4. Although the cable is non-detachable, the excellent quality of this rainbow headset makes it one of the best durable options available in the market.

Furthermore, this headset comes with a wide variety of controls. Such as you can adjust the volume of the headset and volume of the mic separately.

The main reason we consider it the best overall and a premium headset is its Rainbow Six Siege 7.1 Surround Sound feature. This headset is designed with distance and depth in mind, it allows users to find the position of their opponents, thus increasing the gaming experience. Also read HyperX Cloud Revolver S vs Sennheiser game zero comparison.

Additionally, closed-back earcups passively cancel out background noise, allowing you to focus on the game without getting distracted. The earcups of this rainbow headset are 53mm to make sure that you are not distracted from the game.

  • Super Affordable.
  • Detachable Mic.
  • Highly Compatible with various gaming consoles.
  • Durable.
  • 7.1 Surround Sound.
  • Non-Detachable Cord.

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SteelSeries Arctis Pro – Best Wireless Headset

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Gaming Headset


  • Swappable Batteries: Comes with two swappable batteries each with a battery life of 20 hours of gaming.
  • Dual-Wireless Technology: Allows for 2.4G wireless audio transmission as well as Bluetooth connectivity with mobile devices.
  • Durability: The aluminum alloy and luxury lightweight steel construction offer maximum durability and an ideal fit.
  • Studio-quality Microphone: Provides the best studio-quality audio clarity and excellent noise cancellation.
  • Sound quality: High-quality audio is provided by 40mm Stereo Drivers.

The SteelSeries Arctis Pro is always the best option for those who want a wireless headset for gaming. When looking for a wireless option, battery life is the main point of consideration, so you don’t need to worry since the Arctis Pro comes with two interchangeable batteries and a charging compartment, making it possible to work for over 20 hours (10 hours for every battery).

A strong sense of lateral imaging is provided by the surround sound, so the gamer can get a good sense of their opponents’ positions. There’s also a scroll wheel through which you can adjust the surround sound and then other settings, such as the sound levels and the volume of the mic.

There are no compromises on sound clarity with the closed acoustics and 40mm stereo drivers. It’s quite loud at low frequencies, but it doesn’t impact the rest of the audio.

This Rainbow headset features the same studio-quality microphones that you find in all SteelSeries models. The background cancellation feature makes this headset an amazing option not only for game chats but also for game streaming. Also read How to set up mic in rainbow six siege

Aside from the charger, an additional feature that adds more value to this headset is the multiple extras including connectors and all the necessary cables. A Bluetooth connection makes the headset compatible with a wide range of devices, including mobile phones.

  • Two Swappable batteries.
  • Extra cables and connectors.
  • High-quality audio.
  • Studio-quality microphone
  • A little bit expensive.

Sennheiser Game One – Best for Mic Quality

Sennheiser Game One Gaming Headset


  • Compatibility: Features multiple cables allowing compatibility with many devices such as Mac, PC, consoles, and mobiles with 3.5-millimeter jack input.
  • Volume adjustment: The Game One headset features integrated volume control on the right ear cup for easy volume adjustment on the fly.
  • Comfortable: Compact and lightweight design with XXL velour ear pads to provide extreme comfort.
  • Noise Cancelling Microphone: The microphone head is flexible for easy positioning and minimizes background noise for high acoustic clarity
  • Open Acoustics: The classic open acoustic gaming headset offers natural and spatial sound.

We have selected Sennheiser Game One as the Best headset for rainbow six sieges because of their well-balanced acoustics and consistent tone. GAME ONE’s open-back design was created to appeal to gamers looking for a more traditional, authentic feel.

Despite its comfortability, diverse sound, and lightweight, the 40mm open acoustics design is only suitable for indoor gaming in a relatively quiet environment. Otherwise, consumers can be disturbed by the ambient noise.

Due to the headset’s high level of detail, it is possible to experiment with various strategies when you spot and target your opponents. It is easy to adjust the volume controls and can be modified as needed.

Due to the headset’s high level of detail, it is possible to experiment with various strategies when you spot and target your opponents. It is easy to adjust the volume controls and can be modified as needed.

Although the GAME ONE’s microphone is quite simple, it’s perfect for in-game communication. As this microphone is not detachable so we cannot replace it with another high-quality microphone. However, it provides noise cancellation ensuring a quiet experience.

In terms of connectivity, you will never find any trouble linking this device with any gaming platform. This is the best headset for rainbow six Siege with all the features you need. Although it’s expensive, it’s still reliable.

  • Highly Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Compatible with many gaming consoles.
  • Best Quality Mic.
  • Realistic Sound.
  • Non-detachable Mic.
  • Doesn’t support Surround Sound.

Astro A40 – Premium Pick

Astro Gaming A40 TR Wired Headset


  • Comfortable: Slim, lightweight, durable materials for comfortable wear that won’t overheat.
  • Mod Kit Ready: Includes synthetic leather noise-canceling ear cushions, a microphone that isolates voice, a headband, and closed-back Speaker Tags.
  • Frequency Response: Features frequency response of 10Hz-24,000 Hz.
  • Dolby Audio: Dolby Audio delivers cinematic, 3D gaming audio in real-time streaming.
  • Inputs Front: Has 3.5mm Aux-in, Headset connector, and Two digital daisy chain ports.

Unlike any of the other headsets in the list of best gaming headsets for rainbow six sieges, the ASTRO A40 doesn’t hide the fact that it is a gaming headset. You can customize the base model to your liking if you don’t like the way it looks.

You can personalize this rainbow headset by changing the ear cushions, mic, headband, and other personalized speaker tags.

If you are looking for a basic gaming headset, you might consider other options since MixAmp-less A40s are probably more expensive. But if you want to customize both software and hardware fronts then A40 is always a good option.

It’s a powerful piece of gear that produces good sound on its own without any MixAmp, but you need a MixAmp to make the most of it.

This would increase the headphone’s total cost, but it allows you to balance chat and voice, change the EQ, enable surround sound, and so on. This headset features a fantastic microphone. Because of their great features, we consider these headphones to be the best headset for rainbow six sieges.

  • Most comfortable.
  • Great sound quality.
  • Swappable components.
  • Min MaxAmp includes.
  • Expensive.
  • Ear cushions can be better.

Logitech G933 – Best Design

Logitech G933 Surround Sound Gaming Headset


  • Compatibility: Highly compatible with many devices including Macs, PCs, the Xbox One, PS3s, PS4s, etc.
  • Customizable: Customizable RGB lighting, swappable backlit custom tags, and 3 programmable G-keys.
  • Frequency response: Features frequency response of 20 Hz – 20 kHz.
  • Wireless or Wired Connection: This can be used as wireless and is also available with analog cable connections for unlimited connectivity.
  • Source Audio Mixing: Answer calls and play music by plugging in up to three devices (1 USB and two analogs).

The Logitech G933 offers a wide variety of versatility in terms of connectivity and performance, because of this it is called a multi-functional headset. This headset is sold as a wireless headset, but it comes with all the necessary cables so it can be used as a wired headset that is compatible with different gaming devices.

When it comes to battling effects and firing effects, Dolby Surround Sound makes this the best headset for Rainbow Six Siege. But unfortunately, you can’t expect accuracy in spotting your enemy’s exact position.

The headset’s design makes it stand out among the other models on the list. It integrates LightSync technology with RGB LED lighting, which can be customized. Using the feature, however, requires cutting down your battery life to 8 hours from the usual 12 hours. 

For a more immersive gaming experience, the drivers are 40mm and have a closed-back design. In addition, the included microphone provides clear communication during play, recording, and streaming.  

  • Stylish and modern design.
  • Comfortable.
  • Dolby Surround Sound.
  • User-friendly Microphone.
  • Can be wired or wireless.
  • A bit expensive.
  • Battery life can be increased

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Best headset for Rainbow Six Siege: Buyer’s Guide

Surround Sound

There are different labels for this, such as 7.1, surround sound, 3D sound, etc. Providing this function is beneficial. Adding surround sound to your gaming experience makes it more immersive and interactive. Rainbow Six Siege surround sound feature helps you hear the sound in a 3D sense, allowing you to determine a sound source.

Connection type

There are two types of headset connections: Wireless and Wired connections. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages. However, if you’re playing an FPS game like Rainbow Six Siege, it’s best to use a headset with a wired connection.

Wired headsets provide excellent sound quality that can’t be provided by most wireless headsets. Even though the fidelity has improved over the last couple of years, but it still cannot compete with wired options.

On the other hand, while using a wireless headset you don’t need to worry about getting tangled in long wires or having any other mobility issues. This would make such headsets more comfortable but this will ruin your wallet.

Audio Driver

Headphones have an audio driver, which is responsible for producing sound. Audio drivers should be as large as possible for better sound quality. The larger the audio driver, the wider the range of sound levels the driver would be able to pick up and the smoother the audio would be. Gaming headphones almost have 40 mm or 50 mm audio drivers. The slightly higher output would be expected from 50 mm drivers, but you will not notice any difference.

Frequency Response

You can use your headset to test out the frequencies of the game. A wider variety, like other specifications, would be ideal. In other words, we will have more sound options available as compared to a narrower set. 

We should look for a headphone that has a wider frequency range of 20-20,000 Hz.

This means that we can hear sounds between 20 and 20,000 Hz of frequency. As well as having an enormous range of frequencies, that is higher or lower than these can be useful.


We are familiar that headsets can either have an open-back or a closed-back design. The closed-back design of the headset provides a high level of isolation to keep you focused on the game. 

The effect of this is a deterioration of the audio dynamics, resulting in artificial sound quality. Closed Acoustics are always a good option unless they cause hotness or itching.

Microphone Sensitivity

Microphone Sensitivity is simply the ratio of a microphone’s outputs to its inputs. If the microphone is more responsive then less volume is required to be heard by the other players. Decibels (Db) is used to calculate the microphone sensitivity. A headphone with a microphone sensitivity of -46 to -35 dB is recommended. In addition, it’s convenient that the mic can be quickly muted and moved out of the way when not in use.


While looking for a rainbow six siege headset Make sure the ear pads on the headset aren’t too tight. At first, you may feel minor pressure on the ears and the side of your head, but it may cause severe headaches. In this situation, an adjustable headband is very helpful.

To get rid of this, make sure that the ear pads are made of smooth and breathable material so that the ears are cushioned but do not become clammy and sweaty. Two styles of fabrics, mesh, and leather are used.

Sound quality has nothing to do with content, so this is purely a matter of personal interest. To block unwanted noise, we must use a closed-ear design.

Sound Quality

Sound is one of the important factors for any gamer no matter what game they play. In games like Rainbow Six Siege, sound quality gives you an edge because you can hear even the slightest movements of your opponents, allowing you to anticipate their locations.

Virtual Surround Sound and 3D Surround Sound are two things that confuse some players. Nevertheless, it’s quite simple. When it comes to different sound effects such as explosions and firing, the virtual surround sound gives you a better experience. Despite that, it doesn’t provide much in terms of accuracy and details.

On the other hand, a 3D headset provides a more realistic experience with a virtual feeling and a clearer sense of the surrounding space and pa pinpointing even the slightest sounds.


The weight of the headset is very important since it varies more than you think. The lighter the headphone, the stronger it will be. If your headset is too heavy, then you will experience severe neck strain and headaches.

Durability and Compatibility

In addition to comfort, many characteristics improve the durability and compatibility of our headphones. The headband can be either made of plastic which is less desirable or materials like steel or tungsten which is more durable.

Many types of plastic can be used in the construction of headsets. Composites made of ABS(Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) are of higher quality and will last longer. Almost all gaming devices use a 3.5 mm audio jack, making them compatible with a wide number of devices. 

Most consoles have adapter options if the audio jack fails. Many Wireless connector solutions are available. Regardless of what headphone you choose, ensure it must be compatible with your console.


A powerful audio system would enhance your gameplay experience and put you ahead of your opponents, providing you with consistent wins. The HyperX Cloud II is the best headset for Rainbow Six Siege and will enhance your experience. It is a very reasonable and long-lasting headset.

It is important to choose a headphone that appeals to you visually but provides the appropriate level of comfort and reliability. A game like Rainbow Six Siege may also require you to coordinate as well as recognize different sounds. To play competitively, sensitivity and frequency response becomes critical.

Frequently Asked Question:

What headset does Beaulo use?
Beaulo uses a Logitech G Pro X headset. It is wireless, so you have a lot more freedom to customize your gameplay. Additionally, although it is still an electret condenser microphone with a cardioid polar pattern that offers a frequency response range of 100 – 10,000Hz, it has expanded from 4mm to 6mm in size.

What sound is best for Rainbow Six Siege?
Many players prefer Night Mode because quiet sounds are louder, and vice versa. This option gives a great balance between all sounds but can make it difficult to distinguish the distance between sounds due to its low dynamic range. Additionally, TV offers a medium dynamic range, basically offering the best of both worlds.

What mic does Tommyinnit use?
Tommyinit uses a high-performance general-purpose microphone, the AKG P120. In its price range, this mic offers the best quality for recording.

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