15 Best Free Games For VR in July 2022

Virtual Reality is slowly entering the mainstream thanks to affordable VR Headsets like the Oculus Quest 2. Players are also less restricted now thanks to cross-platform compatibility.

This means in some VR games, you’ll be able to join your iOS and Android pals using your VR gear. However, it’s a great time to join the virtual world. We’ve put together a list of the best free games for VR you can play to get your feet wet with virtual reality, including a few non-VR games as well.

Best Free Games For VR

Virtual Reality (VR) is considered an innovative technology in the gaming industry and one of the trending topics attracting the gaming market’s attention. Virtual reality provides an immersive experience to gamers with interactive virtual objects and advanced features that enhance gameplay.

Increase the appeal and retention of gamers. It appeals to both the avid players and those who are occasional players. For Virtual Reality Gaming, it’s inevitable to have a VR headset. The major ones are Vive, Oculus, Valve Index, and various Windows Mixed Reality Headsets.

The best free games for VR  are listed below.

Rec Room

If you have lots of friends and want to get together in a virtual play space, then the Rec Room is the perfect solution. You can move around in each room and interact with the objects, so there’s always something to do.

If you get bored of hanging out in one of the many meeting environments, then you’ll want to check out Rec Room’s myriad of fun mini-games. Some of these games are high quality, and they’ll help keep Rec Room fresh, even after you’ve played it for a long time.

With Rec Room, you can play fun and social games that you’ve never experienced before. You’ll find it’s a unique and fun experience.


Virtual Reality is a technology for using computers to simulate experiences that we might have in our everyday lives – but it can also simulate virtual spaces. VRChat is an online social space that you can experience in virtual reality on the Oculus Quest, or as a non-VR game.

You can play with people on a PC, so it’s perfect if you have friends that own a different VR headset. The games you can play inside VRChat vary over many genres; however, there’s something for everyone in this game, even if you simply want to hang out in a simulated environment.

Since VRChat is free, you can play it immediately after getting an Oculus Quest without any extra charges.

Echo VR

The world of Echo VR is about more than just playing sports in zero gravity. It’s a whole new way of interacting with your VR devices, and a real-world playground for multiplayer VR.

In a zero-gravity sports game, you have to think fast and be ready for any move the other players make. You need to figure out where you can and can’t go, and make the right moves at the right time.

You need to keep the other team from scoring, which is easy enough. They have to catch the disc, pass it back to the player who threw it, and then they can throw it again. As for the space disc, you’ll either get your shot at the goal or, more likely, you’ll be throwing it into the goal of your opponents.

It’s a no-brainer. The zero-gravity of the arena makes for some incredibly compelling games. There is another game mode called Echo Combat, but you do have to pay for that. 

Gorilla Tag

Virtual reality is the ultimate game-changer, and Gorilla Tag is the perfect platform for playing VR games. The new release, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Quest 2 are the first stand-alone platforms that allow you to enjoy VR from the comfort of your living room without needing to invest in an additional VR headset.

Gorilla Tag is a multiplayer VR game of tag with a unique gameplay hook – you play as a gorilla who moves around using your arms, rather than your legs, and can also jump, climb, and grapple on walls and other surfaces.

Locomotion in virtual reality is a unique experience. You don’t have to deal with the awkward movement systems that other virtual reality games use, like teleportation of joystick control.

These tools will help you navigate the world to avoid the players in the tag or infection game modes (tag is like infection, except the players stay tagged when they’re caught).

It’s a beautiful, charming VR game that brings back memories of when gaming was a lot more simple.

The gorilla faces are a bit intimidating, but there’s a lot of passion for the game inside of them, so they add extra motivation for me to win my next tag game.

Mission: ISS

Mission: ISS is an interactive simulation that lets you explore the International Space Station.

You can enjoy floating in zero gravity around the inside of the International Space Station, pushing and pulling yourself around the station using the handrail mounted on the walls. The attention to detail the developers put into Mission: ISS is impressive with the entire station recreated with astonishing accuracy.

The best way to enjoy this experience is to use your imagination. You can look around the station, press buttons, and flick switches, or, if you’re feeling brave, you can head outside for a spacewalk. If you want an authentic space experience, nothing comes close to Mission: ISS.

The whole Space Station is your playground. You can explore every part of the station, and recreate the tasks that astronauts perform every day and it has an incredible VR experience. Get Mission: ISS for the Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, and Oculus Rift.

Spider-Man: Far from Home VR

Spider-Man: Far from Home VR is an excellent game that lets you play as Spider-Man in a story inspired by the blockbuster movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. There are no web-shooters in the game, but players will still find plenty to do while using the web-swinging abilities of their favorite wall-crawler.

With its great sense of humor and unique gameplay, Spider-Man is a must-have for any gamer. It lets you play as our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, swing through the streets of New York, and take down some evil robots with your web-shooters.

Graphically, it’s pretty basic, and there isn’t a huge amount of depth to the gameplay, but as a one-off experience, Spider-Man: Far From Home VR delivers on the core feeling of being the web-crawling superhero.

Those who suffer from a fear of heights would do well to avoid this game. Spider-man swings from the top of tall buildings in virtual reality and, in the heat of the moment, can be downright terrifying. 

Propagation VR

Propagation is an excellent survival horror shooter VR game that combines the best of both worlds. You’ll have to get through wave after wave of scary monsters, while you try not to get infected by them.

Your gun only has one bullet. You don’t know what is going to happen in this game. There is a chance you might get killed by mutants or other horrors. This is a game you will never forget. You will need to pay attention if you want to survive.

If you’re a fan of the Grand Theft Auto series then you’ll want to pick this up. It has a few extra features, like co-op multiplayer and voice chat.

The Lab

The Lab, a collection of small VR games developed by Valve, is ideal for you if you just bought your VR gear and want to learn how to use it. Have fun playing fetch with your robot dog, defending a castle with only a longbow, exploring space, and more!

The minigames are very entertaining and offer a great way to get your feet wet in virtual space. The Lab is a great place to try out the virtual reality experience.

Epic Roller Coasters

Epic Roller Coasters is a virtual roller coaster ride, or more accurately, it’s a simulation. You’re not playing the actual game, but instead, you’re exploring it from within.

It’s a virtual reality roller coaster simulation game. You are free to explore a virtual world through an immersive headset. The virtual reality roller coasters take you on various adventures with different characters.

Check out this gun-toting ride with a few targets in mind. It’s a perfect date, especially if your ride includes an extra-long passenger seat.

The Red Stare

The Red Stare is a free spy game that lets you play the role of a secret agent. You live in your virtual apartment and get information by fax or phone. You watch what your neighbors are up to and send information back to your handler.

This is a puzzle game that challenges your deductive reasoning skills. Observe your targets and pay attention to what they’re doing and what items they have in their flats, and gather enough evidence to prove who the communist spy is.

Take note of the minimum space required to set up the device.

Milkyway Funland

Milkyway Funland is a collection of incredible virtual reality games and experiences that are set in an amazing space station, which is full of fascinating, fun-filled places.

It is worth a try, and if your kids are into that kind of thing, then the payer will be a hit. From the first-person perspective, you’ll be able to witness all these acts, which will disturb the younger audience.

This game has been rated as one of the best games of all time.

Archangel: Hellfire

This game’s single-player campaign was uninspired, had a mediocre set-piece gameplay system, and had an uninspired plot. However, Sky dance Interactive listened to the feedback and now upgrades the game with a deep, hardcore name for multiplayer mode.

The battle needs you! Archangel Hellfire is an unholy alliance of godlike mechs and infernal team deathmatch gaming. Take your weapons of mass destruction and freely roam through the post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Archangel is an epic action game that combines explosive combat and destructible environments. 


The glyph is a new VR platform title from Playdead, creators of popular indie titles like Limbo and Inside. In this one, the main objective is to collect relics and analyze the surroundings, but it also gives you a sense of presence and immersion through an innovative jumping mechanic.

You can compete with your friends in Glyph VR. Since the level design is non-linear, therefore there are various ways to complete each stage. 

Bulk Dominoes

It’s a child’s dream come true if your child has played with dominoes as a kid! Use your imagination to create over 100 different dominoes, and use different materials like paints to color them.

Dominoes is a fun game and more challenging to play than other versions. You can save your designs, load them in another room, and play without knocking down the dominoes.

Bulk Dominoes VR Kinetic Rush (BULK) is a fast-paced game where you play dominoes against up to three opponents. Play a hand, and see if you can beat your opponents!

Goblin Rush

The arcade game known as Goblin Rush is about killing every last goblin in the game to beat the level. You are a legendary archer with a bow and arrow renowned for your skill.

You’ll be searching for secret areas, taking down monsters with your arrows and shooting them with your bow and arrows. The goblins will get closer and closer, but be careful to avoid getting hit. You’ll need to prove your abilities, as you’ll need to be very good at targeting and shooting to destroy all the goblins.

The game features ten stages with varying difficulty levels. In the game, you continue exploring the world and destroy any creature you find. The game isn’t over until you reach your goal.

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