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About “Ethan Hawks” and BudgetBeasts

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Budgetbeasts came into existence while a discussion between Ethan Hawks and his friends. They were in search of cheap and high-quality products on a low budget. So at that spot, Ethan realized the need for a website where quality products would be reviewed. Products would be highly economical for everyone. If you are trying to figure out which product is best for you, we believe you will find Budgetbeasts useful. A lot of people purchase products without knowing that specific product’s pros and cons, which in return serve as a waste of money.

Budgetbeasts.com would be helping people by providing them with each side of the review products. Purchasing a product would be worthwhile when you know more about the product by reading the Budgetbeasts.com review.

That specific discussion helped Ethan Hawks in thinking about making a store covering electronic products. After that decision up till now, all of my friends use to read my review before buying a product.

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Our Team

Back in 2021, Budgetbeasts was just a one-man show. Ethan Hawks was testing all the gadgets himself, and he was writing all the reviews.

Ethan Hawks

Ethan Hawks is a 23-year-old Blogger from Switzerland. He loves to write reviews about tech products. He is a part-time gamer as well. He helps people in getting insights about different products. He has done BS in Computer Sciences as well.

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